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This letter is addressed to the health care community in hopes that if enough letters like this reach them, they will take notice of the incredible results Dr. Tong’s patients are receiving from his treatment.

I have insurance through Kaiser, so I can see their doctors at little or no cost. However, I choose to drive over 100 miles to see Dr. Tong, because I know he will make me feel better. If I should break a leg or need stitches, then I’ll go to Kaiser. But for problems that most of us go to the doctor for, like a cold, headache, allergies, lack of energy, etc., I would rather see Dr. Tong.

I used to get sore throats, colds, flu, and respiratory infections on a regular basis. My doctor would give me antibiotics. This would occur every other month and it did so for years, until I started seeing Dr. Tong. Since his treatments, my resistance was greatly improved and the frequency with which I “catch something” has dramatically changed. Now if I get sick, which is seldom, I don’t usually need antibiotics. The severity has also lessened.

There have been other results that no other doctors could help. I had a problem with lactose intolerance. Just a small amount of milk would ruin my day. The other doctors told me to take a pill every time I consume dairy products. It helped, but I still felt bloated after eating. But now I can eat ice cream, milk shakes, or whatever I want after receiving Dr. Tong’s treatments.
Another problem was that I had no energy. I was put through dozens of tests by UCLA and Scripps Clinic. Both said there was nothing wrong and nothing they could do for me. Scripps Clinic told me I was suffering from depression, so they gave me some mood elevators. I got so spaced out that I got lost on the way to work the next day. A lot of time, tests, and expenses, but no answers. I hate to admit this, but there was a time with my back pain, my lack of energy and good health, as well as the depression, when I really debated about turning off my own lights, so to speak.

Doctors had told me that my problems were caused by depression. They had it backwards. Depression that comes from feeling bad for so long is devastating. Now I am hardly depressed! Quite the opposite! Now I feel good–so good that I try to do too much and the problems I have today are from overworking as I try to realize my dreams that I have all but given up on. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for Dr. Tong, there is no way I would be doing these things in life today.

Steve B


        For the last two years of my life, I’ve spent it at doctors’ offices. I’ve been to every doctor imaginable for pain, acupuncture and herbs, and every sickness imaginable. I went to MDs for my liver, heart, lungs, and especially my throat. None of the doctors could figure out my sickness. All I got was more medication and more scheduled appointments to see if I would get better. With all the medication and help I didn’t get better. The pain would go away for a while, then come back worse than it was before.

        I’ve also been in the hospital for over a week. I was hooked up to an IV and all these different machines to keep me alive. As soon as I got out from there I got a little better, then it got even worse and worse, until the point I wanted to commit suicide.

        I felt like I had a hairball stuck in my throat. I even tried acupuncture and that didn’t do anything for me. From the coughing it made me weak and tired with headaches. I would never be able to sleep. I would be coughing day and night. I was so desperate I would try everything I could get my hands on, but nothing would seem to work. I soon began to lose a lot of weight and became much skinnier. I was nothing but skin and bones literally. My chest would always feel heavy and my throat would be sore. I would never be able to breathe and talk because I would be so tired.

        I felt nothing but pain for the last two years of my life. I soon lost track of life and everything around me. I was being consumed by medications and doctors. I felt like I was dying. I even bought my coffin and a space in the cemetery.

        My daughter Nikki was desperate to help me get better. She wanted me to try everything. Soon she found a doctor with a very good healing percentage. It’s not like I haven’t tried anything else before, so I went to Dr. Tong to see what kind of remedy he uses. I saw a lot of people there and everybody told me Dr. Tong is a really good doctor.

        I felt better with the very first treatment. I have gone to Dr. Tong for the last four weeks now and he has done more for me than any doctor has in the last two years. I no longer cough constantly, only a little at night. Also, my pains are all gone. I no longer take any medication, only herbs and supplements, which have no side effects.

        Besides helping me, he is now a good friend of mine. He treats me with care and compassion. He also helped my husband, who has very high blood pressure and has had strokes in the past. His blood pressure dropped with his first treatment and he now takes 50% less pills. He has not spoken to me for many years since his stroke. Now after a few treatments, he smiles and tells jokes and has more energy. My daughter has chronic sinus problems, itchy eyes, and neck pain. They all got better after their first treatment.

        I want to recommend Dr. Tong because he works better than anybody I know. Whoever has tried MD’s, chiropractors, acupuncture, and anything that doesn’t work, I truly recommend Dr. Tong. He can truly cure your pain and sickness.

Marie N.


All my life I was depressed and frustrated because I could never feel happy. I tried psychiatrists, religion, hobbies, vitamins, and drugs. None of them gave me what I wanted. As I faced each failure after another I began to lose hope. I then started thinking that there may be only one solution. That I would just have to end it all.

A couple years ago I was prescribed a powerful drug for my depression. I was told that if I swallowed even two or three times my regular dosage it could be fatal. I went and got my prescription filled and then swallowed the whole bottle. Luckily it didn’t kill me but I felt near death for three days. These three days were very strange to me because I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do or where I was headed and I felt like I had stepped out of reality. On the third day I saw Dr. Tong on T.V. Even then I felt skeptical but I knew everything else had failed and I had nothing to lose. Today, I can honestly say that nothing has changed my life as much as Dr. Tong’s treatments.

To accurately describe how I feel now is difficult. But now I don’t have to be so afraid all the time. I’m no longer playing the part of Jeff, I’m just being Jeff. I no longer get so down on myself all the time. And I have something that I never thought I would achieve, a zest for life. Life is exciting! Some days I’m just amazed by all it has to offer. I’m just as amazed that I am able to say that. But Dr. Tong’s treatments released something in me. Something no other established practice or method of treatment has ever been able to do. I am extremely grateful that I know Dr. Tong and I hope the world will benefit from him the way I have.

Jeff K


I can’t believe the change Dr. Tong made on me. Now my friends cannot recognize me! I was FAT, lazy, and depressed about life in general. My husband suggested I see Dr. Tong. Am I glad I did! I have lost a lot of weight and regained a lot of energy and self esteem. I am now going back to school to further my new career. I owe my million thanks to Dr. Tong and the whole staff of wonderful people in his office.  Their support has helped me tremendously.  It has made every trip to the office a very pleasant experience. .

Dorothy D.

Depression, Chronic Pain, Irregular Menstruation, Oral Herpes

I could sit down and write a book on what Dr. Tong has done for me. My life has gotten back to a living lifestyle instead of an everyday painful one. I was literally thinking about calling Dr. Kovorcian to help me be pain free by ending my life. I cry when I hear Dr. Kovorcian has ended another life because of chronic pain. I was in chronic pain and I’m still alive, because of Dr. Tong. I was always looking for a way to be out of pain but could never
find the right method. I found the right method when I saw Dr. Tong on cable. I thought to myself what do I have to lose. Just the day before I heard of Dr. Tong, I was going to drive off the bridge in my 4 runner because I was in so much pain. That’s what I have to lose is my life.  

You couldn’t ask for a better lifestyle then mine, but I was always in chronic pain. When I went to see Dr. Tong for the first time he asked for a brief history but I believe that was only for insurance purposes because when he started doing his treatments, I was amazed how exact he knew what was wrong with me. Dr. Tong read me like a book. I couldn’t believe he was telling me exactly all the different things I was doing wrong to harm myself.

Simple things that everyone knows about but doesn’t want to stop. Smoking, Drinking, and mostly eating wrong. Dr. Tong helped me through all the pain of when I wanted to stop all these bad habits. But you don’t realize these everyday things causes so much pain. My periods were a mess, they were so erratic. One month my period would be 17 days since my last period and then I would have a period 2 months later. Dr. Tong regulated my periods and now I’m on schedule. I think the most amazing, terrific and stupendous thing Dr. Tong did for me was immediately cure me of my herpes or cold sores in my mouth. I would suffer for weeks. Believe this or not but with one treatment by Dr. Tong he took care and cured and completely rid one cold sore at a time in seconds and yes I just wrote seconds. I also believe that he can cure genital herpes in seconds with the same treatment. I call Dr. Tong “Dr. feel good” because of just what that sounds like, Dr. Tong makes you feel good. My life is now back on track again because of what Dr. Tong has taught me. He taught me how to feel good. I thought I knew everything but he analyzes your specific body and tells you what to do to feel good and move on with your life in a healthy, happy, loving, satisfying lifestyle.

I wish I could give Dr. Tong an Oscar for his life work, but he is no actor, he is real and here to take care of anyone that chooses to go see him.

I chose to go see Dr. Tong when my arm was so bad that I couldn’t move it anymore. I went to three doctors to check out my problem the third doctor said he could do exploratory surgery because he really didn’t know what was wrong and he thought the first two diagnosis were wrong. That made me think there was someone else that was the root to my shoulder pain. When I initially went to see Dr. Tong with my shoulder pain he told me what the root of my problem was and it wasn’t that I had stretched the ball joint out in my shoulder. I am very grateful to this day to Dr. Tong because I didn’t go through the unnecessary surgery for my shoulder. Basically the cause of my pain was my everyday health habits that were bad, very bad.

If you do chose to go see Dr. Tong and listen and do everything he tells you to do you can be cured like me and free of everyday illness.


Depression, Anxiety, PMS 

After a lifetime of depression, anxiety, weight battles, phobias and generally not feeling well at anytime, you saved me. You were my “last chance Doctor”. I had seen hundreds of doctors through out the years. Western doctors. The best they could do for me (that is if they even listened to me) was to drug me out and hope I would not expire while under their care. They usually told me I was “over reacting” or I was too young to be experiencing these problems. When I finally heard about you I liked that you were trained in Western medicine but combined that knowledge with a very special technique, Neuro-Bioenergetics.

At my first appointment with you I was skeptical, had a huge altitude and wondered why I was wasting my time with another doctor. Little did I know I would meet the Doctor who would change (save?) my life.

You came in and introduced yourself, looked into my race, asked to see my tongue and listened to everything I had to say. Not only listened, but you heard me, what I was saying and agreed with me! You asked questions that no other doctor had bothered to ask and then listened to my answers. You never were condescending You explained to me why your methods worked and why. It made so much sense to me and was so simple (for lack of another word!) that I still thought that this could not work. Because if it was that great wouldn’t every doctor be using it? I was wrong again! By the third ‘injection’ such a wonderful sense of well being and happiness came over me that I did not even know what the feeling was until later that night when I was telling my husband about it.

I have been taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for over 10 years. I was always told (that is when anyone finally took the second to tell me) I had a chemical
imbalance that could only be ‘helped’ by putting these chemicals into my body. You explained to me that you could right that imbalance and get me off the drugs. I did not believe you. You were right once again. I have been drug free for almost 8 weeks. Without any terrible withdrawal symptoms that I had been warned that I would experience.
As my treatment progressed we would talk and you wanted to know about my life so you could treat me better. There never has been a doctor that has wanted to know anything about me except how I was paying for the appointment. Sad, but true.

In closing I would like to add that I am off all medication, I am sleeping all night, I do nor
awake in the morning with the feeling of impending doom or with my teeth and toes
painfully clenched, the PMS is under control, I have more flexibility, movement without pain (due to a series of auto accidents) I no longer have to worry about my weight because I have stabilized at a size 6, our sex life was always great now it is OUTSTANDING! and after 42 years I finally can say I feel normal. I am amazed! Thank you Dr. Tong for showing me life can be good.

I also want to add that Dr. Qi’s acupuncture, concern, care and herbal remedies are
working wonders as are the natural supplements you have given me. Your staff could not be
more helpful and caring I am a difficult person so I thank all who have put up with me.

There is so much more I could say but I will leave that for another time. I tend to ramble about things I am excited about and that work. I just want to tell everyone with any kind of problem please don’t make Dr. Tong your ‘last resort’ Doctor. He can and will help.



I had been suffering from moderately severe tinnitus for one year before I came to Dr. Tong. I was told by the ENT specialist that nothing could be done about it. I noticed an immediate improvement after the first treatment with Dr. Tong, and after one year of treatment, the ringing in my ears has gone down by roughly 85%, which I think is absolutely incredible.

Another thing Dr. Tong has helped me with is my excessive body heat. I have always felt hot; even when I was a child, doctors used to feel me and think I was running a fever. Dr. Tong told me that this was due to an imbalance of the yin and yang in my body, which also doesn’t help my tinnitus. While I wasn’t skeptical when I heard this, I certainly didn’t believe it wholeheartedly, as this concept of medicine was different from what I and all others are used to. This was before my first treatment. After only 3 months, for the first time in my life, I was actually feeling “cold”! I couldn’t believe it! I was feeling the same way everybody else does.

I had been on anti-depressants for seven years and it didn’t look as if I was going to get of them. Well, all that changed very fast. After only 2 weeks, I was done with them for good. The miracles never cease! Thanks so much Dr. Tong for all you’ve done for me.



Because I have received such beneficial results from the magnets, I feel compelled to share their almost miraculous benefits to all who suffer intractable pain.

I had left sciatic neuralgia for over a year. The pain was relieved by chiropractic treatment by about 50%. I then began treatments from Dr. Tong. There was very slow progress until I finally told Dr. Tong of the overwhelming emotional and mental stress I was undergoing which was causing severe depression and fatigue. At that point, Dr. Tong began treating the stress points along with the back points and prescribed the magnets. Within two days my energy returned, the depression disappeared, and the sciatic neuralgia greatly improved.

Before using the magnets, I could stand only half an hour before the pain became intolerable. I can now stand for eight hours and feel only minor pain and slight tingling. And, I can now effectively deal with the problem causing the fatigue and depression. The therapeutic benefits of the magnets are absolutely incredible and miraculous.

Thank you Dr. Tong. I am more grateful than any words could convey.

Zaida T.


I suffered from allergies and acute bronchitis. I was exhausted, sleepy and sad. Since God put Dr. Tong in my way, life has been great. My allergy to pets is over, my chest doesn’t feel full of mucous anymore. I’m breathing better, exercising again and enjoying life. Also I stopped being too worried and learned how to live for today. It is great to have my energy back. It is like being in heaven.



In May of 1983, I came down with a strange illness. One day I was in tremendous physical and mental health–strong as a bull–and the next morning I was so weak I couldn’t function at all. The symptoms were migraine headaches, numbness of the head, severe dizziness, photophobia, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, lack of concentration, a sense of not knowing where I was , severe pain throughout my body, fainting spells, severe anxiety attacks, severe fatigue, and then depression came along.

I had seen a total of 24 doctors, from family doctors to ENT doctors, neurological doctors, gastroentological doctors, the UCLA Pain Clinic, and psychological doctors. Not one of them could diagnose this ailment. There were 5 doctors who believed it was a psychological problem, but I knew otherwise. In nine years I had 10 surgery procedures which didn’t seem to help.

In 1986, I saw one ENT doctor who also thought it was a psychological problem. After five unsuccessful left sinus surgeries, the doctor who performed the surgeries wanted me to see the ENT doctor I had seen in 1986. I agreed to see him once again, and he diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe Fibromyalgia. I believed this doctor would not have diagnosed CFS if he did not come down with it himself. In October of 1991 I was invited to a support group meeting in Los Angeles. On this “godsend” day Dr. Yee Wing Tong was lecturing on CFS. After the lecture I talked to him and to some of the people who he had treated for this strange illness. They encouraged me to make an appointment. I decided to give Dr. Tong a try. His healing process was relatively slow in the beginning, but a few months later, I saw much improvement of my whole being physically, mentally, and spiritually. I truly believe that I will beat this disease with Dr. Tong’s treatments in time. In my previous blood workup, CBC, and other tests, my white blood count was dangerously low–so low that it was then diagnosed as the benign form of lymphoma. The last test’s white blood count was in the normal range with no diagnosis of lymphoma. Without Dr. Tong’s treatments I would be spending a lot of my day in bed being like a vegetable, so tired and very sick.

I thank the Lord for sending me to that support group meeting. May God continue to bless Dr. Tong and his wonderful staff. His work must continue.

Michael C.


Dear Fellow Patient,

My name is Daniel M. and I recently started to see Dr. Tong for my debilitating depression and anxiety. Since childhood I’ve had an anxiety problem which is almost always accompanied by nausea. This problem of mine has kept me from normal interaction with the world because the nausea would come whenever I came across people. This narrowed down my “comfort” zone virtually to just my home. I was a prisoner of my “chronic anxiety.” I had few friends, my relationship with my family was very poor, and my academic life suffered greatly.

When I entered college, this problem miraculously subsided for about 3 months which I believe to be a precious spiritual experience sent to me from God. All my physical and mental problems disappeared for this duration of time. I was able to do the normal things that most people take for granted. I was in heaven being able to shop at grocery stores and eating at restaurants with friends, and simply just walking down the street without being scared. This was truly a miracle. But soon after, all of my old habit of mind and body started to reappear. I was once again trapped in my own world of fears. Sometimes it would get so bad that I would not be able to answer the phone or even talk to my own parents. Going out with friends was out of the question. I had become worse than before. Sometimes I felt so deeply depressed about the condition that I had fallen into that I wanted to end my life. But somehow I was able to overcome these feelings. I soon realized that if the illness had once gone away miraculously, there must be a way to re-attainthat condition My heart was filled with the desire to become normal again. This has kept me going.

For the past 5 years I have been searching-for a way to become normal again.

My whole life has been devoted this endeavor. I started by seeing a psychiatrist, who prescribed me Prozac I’ve tried acupuncture, foot reflexology and all types of Chinese herbs. I’ve studied many religions and ideologies concerning enlightenment. I’ve tried meditating. I’ve tried self-examination. I’ve tried to live a sinless life. I’ve even tried vegetarianism. I’ve tried everything possible that I could think of. At times these things have made me a better person and calm me for short periods of time, but never have I experienced the calmness and normalness that I experienced my freshman year in college. This quest for mental health had naturally evolved into a search for “enlightenment.”

But recently, my physical and mental health began to worsen again. I saw that my depression and anxiety that I have been experiencing was worse than ever. I felt as though I was out of options and my hope slowly started to disappear. It was at this time when I was hitting rock bottom that I saw Dr. Tong on television. His philosophy on Eastern and Western medicine really made sense to me. I thought to myself, “this guy really knows what he’s talking about.” My 5 years of researching all types of medicine and relationship of mind and body help me to see the correctness of Dr. Tong’s medical ideology. I was once again filled with hope. I soon made an appointment.

My experience with Dr. Tong and his staff was therapeutic from the very start. Everyone has been treated me very kindly and always make me feel welcome. This is the only doctor’s office where I have cared to know the names of everyone that worked there. Dr. Tong, Share, Anthony and Dr. Chi have been very nice to me. This honestly is the only doctor’s office that I enjoy going to. Actually, this is one of the few places that I look forward to going to these days.

When I first talked to Dr. Tong about my history with chronic anxiety, he was very empathetic. He was unlike any doctor I have ever met. He treated me like a friend from the start. He even shared his life experiences with me so that I could once again have hope. He described my condition as not living my life at my full potential. His words gave me hope again. I once again had faith that I could become normal.

Ever since this first visit, Dr. Tong has been helping me on my road to recovery. He has been like a caring father to me. He not only treats me with Neuro-BioEnergetics. He fills my mind with vital information that will help me to keep the “traffic jams” away. I’ve learned the fundamentals about the vital organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, and spleen. He’s taught me about vitamins, fresh fruit, vegetables, and aromatherapy. He’s even shared his spiritual philosophies with me. Right now, he’s one of the most important figures in my life. I’d like to thank him so much for his help. Thank you Doctor Tong.

If you are wondering whether his treatments have been helping, they have. I would never have had the energy to write a letter to Dr. Tong like this one if it wasn’t for his treatments. I would be sleeping in bed badly depressed if it weren’t for the NBE treatments. I cannot say that I am fully recovered yet, but I am doing much better than when I first saw Dr. Tong’s infomercial. I now have the energy to interact with my family, and I am not as scared and depressed as before. I actually catch myself smiling again.

PS. I’d also like to say Thank you to Dr. Chi for her help also. Dr. Chi is very kind and has also been giving me advice on how to be less stressed, and has been preparing the Chinese Herbal mixes for me. I’d also like to say Thanks to Anthony for his help, and Share for being so funny!

Yours truly,

Daniel M


As the wife of Richard T, I brought my husband to see Dr. Tong as a last resort.  He had seen many doctors over the past year and a half with no results.   I truly believe that he was dying.  He had been a healthy, happy, hard working man with a true zest for life.  He loved to laugh and joke – but no more.  He became very depressed, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and had a weight loss of 40 pounds in just one month.  His mental condition became so bad that he had confusion, no concentration, could not even do the simplest of tasks.  His day usually consisted of pacing in circles or from room to room.  He would follow my every move as if he were my shadow.  He was also sleep deprived.  No matter what I gave him, such as Melatonin, Velerium, and as a last resort even sleeping pills.  Still, nothing worked until after two treatments with Dr. Tong.

His driving skills were no longer sharp but slow and he was not sure of himself.  It was also hard for him to have a conversation with me or anyone.  I now see improvement in all these things.

This was all very hard on me and at times, I no longer had the desire to live.  The stress was just too much, causing my health also to break.

My father had Alzheimer’s and I felt my husband was also going that way.   I am very grateful to Dr. Tong for his concern, his miracle treatments of NBE, and giving me back my husband.

Thank you

Jean T.

I have been to many doctors in the past year.  All they wanted to do was prescribe strong medication with hundreds of side effects that may subdue the symptoms but do nothing for the real cause of my problems.  Dr. Tong’s treatments are quick and treat the cause.  I noticed improvement right away.  His treatments are all natural with no side effects.  My condition only worsened with all the other doctors.   With Dr. Tong, I can see and feel the difference

Richard T.


Deborah W. is a 73 year old who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s for three years with symptoms of depression, fatigue, memory loss, loss of mental acuity, and multiple pain. She has exhausted all forms of conventional and unconventional treatments, including expensive hyperbaric oxygen, chelation therapy, daily growth hormone injections, herbs, and nutrition, all to no avail.

Her daughter stated that NBE therapy was the only treatment that has made a difference in her. After three weeks of treatment, she was free of pain, had more energy, less depression, and was mentally more alert, being able to recall both her husband and her own age as well as their birthdays. She also regained her sense of humor-the best sign of recovery from Alzheimer’s syndrome.

My mother has had every treatment possible from medical, experimental treatments such as chelation and daily growth hormone shots to alternative treatments such as pills, powders, and juices. She has even tried hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Nothing has helped. I believe that Dr. Tong’s treatment is the only treatment that has had any effect. I wouldn’t say an instant change, but a gradual noticeable change. I also haven’t noticed side effects. She is not as lethargic or sleepy. She has less pain in her shoulder from the arthritis. Her hearing is clearer and her memory is sharper. She is remembering more. She is witty and makes jokes. She responds faster, makes more sense, and can carry a on conversation better than before.

KVW (daughter of Deborah W.)


After 2 previous suicide attempts, I was seriously planning a third after another afternoon of writhing on the floor in pain, when I came upon an article regarding Dr. Tong’s treatments.

For the first time in 26 years, I felt hope that there might be an answer to the constant nagging, exhausting, and often debilitating pain which I was forced to live with.

The pain began in August 1965 from an injury that occurred during my 4th pregnancy. It was excruciating. I worked with a respected orthopedic surgeon in our area, trying physical therapy, drug therapy, traction, and shoe lift, anything we could think of to avoid surgery. But in 1970, I had a L 4-5 laminectomy and fusion and spent 3 months immobilized in be in a full body cast and then 6 months in a walking body cast. I stopped dragging my foot after surgery. The pain did not stop.

Over the next 21 years, after my surgeon told me that he thought the pain which I continued to have was only in my head, I didn’t quit looking for help. I sought treatment in many different ways with various doctors:
– a neurologist
– John Hopkins Pain Clinic – one month
– Additional surgery
– drugs – years
– acupuncture
– chiropractors – years
to name a few. Nothing that I tried worked in drastically reducing the pain until my first visit with Dr. Tong. I felt an immediate difference in the pain that had totally engulfed the right side of my body – head to toe – for half of my life! I left that office with my heart soaring with hope!

Dr. Tong has treated me now for over 3 years and the pain that I have lived with now for 30 years had been reduced 70 to 80% to an area on my upper back and my right hip with occasional sciatica involvement. I no longer think about suicide and am looking forward to a future with my grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, hopefully, free of pain.

My husband and I are originally from Indiana and all of our family now lives there. We plan on moving back there soon. When asked when, I reply, :When I’m done working with Dr. Tong.”


Word of this treatment has to get out! There are so many people like me who’s lives would be changed to be more livable, healthy, and productive as mine is becoming.





Judith A. K.


I have been carrying this problem around for nine years, and it feels good to finally attain some lasting relief. Also, my wife just passed away on September 1st which is a very stressful experience in itself. Yet I am still making good progress I feel. My blood pressure and pulse rate also going down.



Initial treatment caused significant decrease in neuropathy, stress and depression. Subsequently I experienced a decrease in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After several more treatments my symptoms have essentially left me. To date I can say I have complete faith in Dr. Tong’s treatment. It has helped me significantly.

Ronald P.


When I first came to you, I came for pain in back, neck, chest breathing, abdominal pain, lump in throat pain in kidney area and depression.

I last took a medical class medical care – terminology and body systems and medical front office in 1985. I could not continue with school as I became to ill mentally and physically. I had not been able to function properly since this time. From 85-87 I was having B-12 shot from my other Dr. Dx- Pernicious anemia – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, depression, chest pain, back pain, could not sleep, was afraid to eat so many foods upset me. My first visit to Dr. Tong M.D. was August 23, 1989. Within three weeks of my first visit I had enrolled back at medical school full-time. One school class in the morning and one in the afternoon. My depression gone. One injection only – 1 visit only and my G.I. tract problem – irritable bowel syndrome cleared up and did not bother me again. I had this problem for 15 years. After the accident on 10/11/89 my stomach problem returned. My back pain eased and got better with every visit. My breathing completely improved at the time of accident, and was no longer bothering me. I lost approximately 15 lbs. in weight, swelling in my internal organs abdominal – GI stomach went down. I lost 8 inches in my waist measurement, and I can now wear clothes that fit, prior to this it had been uncomfortable to have anything tight around those organs, because of my sensitivity and not feeling good.

Once Dr. Tong started treating me, with his therapies, diet, exercise, concern I had improved tremendously and I felt that it wouldn’t be too long before I would only be paying him a maintenance call. Before the accident, my back was only bothering me a little in T4 only. Apart from this the only other problem my breast were a little sore. Colitis which comes and goes and Dr. Tong had just started to treat me for this.

Jackie B.


I have been coming to you off and on since 1991 and each and every time you have been able to reduce my pain and cure my problem.

In 1991, I came to you after seeing a chiropractor for three months for a pinched sciatic nerve. I was going three times a week for electric stimulation and adjustments, neither of which helped. My husband finally suggested that I see you because you had done so much to relieve his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After just three visits, I was able to stand up straight, and my pain was greatly reduced. It took another seven visits before the pain was all gone, and I was able to fulfill my dream to travel across the US on a motorcycle with my husband.

In 1993, I returned to you with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This time I did not even bother to go see a neurologist. The repetitive motion as a manicurist, along with being very depressed about my job, contributed to the problem. Your treatments helped reduce my pain and surprisingly also lifted my depression. It took four visits before the numbness and shooting pains began to rescind. After that it was a matter of several visits and one month off work before I had full control and no more pain. What was so great was that I did not need surgery or drugs to deal with this problem.

In January of 1995, I was in “full blown” menopause. I had hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and bouts of the blues. I was irritable, had memory loss, sleeplessness, and vaginal dryness. The skin on my face became dry and, at the age of 42, I had pimples and a facial rash. My gynecologist put me on estrogen and progesterone. I decided to go see you. You said that the hormones were not good for me because they cause the female organs to shrivel up and die. For the first month I took the hormones while being treated by you. I was afraid to go off them because of the relief they had given me. You reminded me of all the good you had done for me and that I had to trust you. So in the second month, I terminated the hormones. I was pleased that none of my symptoms had returned and my menstrual cycle had begun again. The third month I further reduced your treatments. Still, none of my symptoms have returned and I am still menstruating on my own. I am now in my fourth month and down to one treatment a week. I feel great and I am very pleased that I am in control of my body. I did go back for a three month review with my gynecologist and told him what had been happening. You can believe his response.

Tina C.


It has been brought to my attention that you have decided not to pay for some of my medical bills that were incurred from Dr. Tong. I would like to take this time to inform you that I only went to Dr. Tong after conventional medications did not help my medical problems.

When I first went to Dr. Tong suffering from pain in my arms and legs, his treatment not only helped me with my joint pain in these areas, but also improved my range of motion, relieved my headaches and lowered my blood pressure. As you can see this treatment was very beneficial.

In addition, not only were my ailments cured, I feel that Dr. Tong has saved my insurance carrier countless amounts of money due to previous non-healing techniques that resulted in thousands of dollars in medical costs. Furthermore, medications previously taken are no longer necessary. These medications include: Calan, for high blood pressure, and Kalonopin, for anxiety and stress and countless over-the-counter antihistamines for sinus conditions.


Randy S.


To the potential patients of Dr. Tong:

Feeling trapped and swollen, my symptoms of sinusitis and muscle tension bring me without haste to Dr. Tong. He is a healer beyond modern medicine, a teacher of mind spirit and body emphasizing their role in daily life. I want to feel 100%, but I am far from my mark. I can think of various sources for my persistent head colds and mental depression, but I know the fastest way to cure it.

Dr. Tong is the first doctor I want to diagnose my case and offer me wisdom from two schools of medicine. The effects of the office visit lasts far beyond the day you see him. This doctor’s advice should enrich your mental, physical, and spiritual qualities. Dr. Tong has successfully pinpointed my nutritional deficiencies, which are the primary cause for acne, cramps, muscle tension, sinusitis, etc. Dr. Tong reduced my physical suffering in addition to shortening the time I spent out sick from work or school. Most importantly, Dr. Tong has focused my attention on preventative medicine and the uniting of my mind, spirit, and body to create healthy energy. Grateful to the wisdom and care of Dr. Tong, I know in the future I will maintain good health and avoid the down time of illness.

The serious responsibility of guiding my personal health is something I no longer take for granted, I do not know of any doctor who cares for his patients like Dr. Tong. I relate to others’ fear of needles, but I cannot think of a more effective method for instant relief from pain and suffering. However, this relaxation only develops if the treatments are received with an open mind that can conquer the unknown and learn about the personal sensitivities they battle. I had to alter my diet and increase my level of physical activity, but it is all worth it as I live life pain-free!


Jessica H


Prajin won a golf competition because of NBE treatments.  For four years, he suffered from depression, fatigue, headaches, and lack of concentration due to stress and work.   Conventional treatments were ineffective.  Two months of NBE treatments alleviated his symptoms, enabling him to win the LA-Thai Championship and a free trip to Bangkok.



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