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Diabetic Neuropathy of Feet, Severe Infection, Edema and Swelling, Discoloration of Skin, Amputation Avoidance, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain – Don (see #104 1-25-03, from Norwalk, CA) This construction worker came to Dr. Tong with a recurrent infection in his leg.  In the past nine years, his leg has become more discolored and he has been progressively losing feeling in it. The deterioration in his leg was so bad that he almost lost his foot three times a year and a half ago from running a nail through it.  He went to see a Podiatrist who suggested cortisone shots to help his foot, but to no avail.  Don also consulted an acupuncturist who helped him walk in two days.  However, he ran another nail in his foot which caused him to be hospitalized once again.  It was six weeks before he could work again.  His legs then got infected from a scratch which caused his legs to greatly swell.  The medication prescribed by his primary physician controlled the infection but did not help with the swelling.  By the time he consulted Dr. Tong, his legs were extremely swollen.  Within 3 treatments with Dr. Tong, Don got 50% of sensation back in his legs.  Now he has had 6 treatments and color has started to return and his leg looks like it belongs to his body rather than a separate appendage.  His legs also started to drain and the swelling went down.  Don also had shoulder and back problems which were also alleviated.  He feels that it is a miracle at how fast Dr. Tong helped him with his feet.  He urges any diabetic with feet problems to consult Dr. Tong.  Now he has feeling in his feet and has movement.  Don has returned to Dr. Tong for ulceration in his right leg.  After 2 treatments his leg is lighter, the swelling has come down, and the flexibility is coming back in his right ankle.

Diabetes, Neuropathy, Dropped Foot Syndrome, Gangrene/ Avoidance of Amputation

I came to Dr. Tong February 25, 1997. I limped into his office with a walker and a leg brace. I could hardly walk, and the pain was so bad, constantly, even with all kinds of pain medication.

At age 72, I started having back pain and pain in my right side and leg. I had diabetes for many years (approximately 25 years) which I had no trouble with pain all these years till July of 1996. I washed my car one-day, and afterwards I developed severe lower back and leg pain.

I went to Dr. P… and he gave me medication for pain, without any relief. Then I had to go to the hospital and the pain was so bad I was unable to stand it. He had many tests ran and none showed what was wrong. He even called other doctors in, like Dr. B…, who took more tests and thought I should have my leg amputated and before the year ended he thought I’d have to lose the other leg. I also had Dr. D… run many, many tests and still no one could help me. Even though I kept telling each doctor I was diabetic, but they said that had nothing to do with it. Then my right foot dropped. I couldn’t move or control it, it made me fall frequently and hurt myself.

I had been in two different hospitals for 13 days and treated by 9 specialists, each one telling me they couldn’t find what was wrong. After all the painful tests they sent me home with no improvement and unbelievable pain day and night. I tried acupuncture eight times. I even went to San Bernardino five times a week with someone to drive me back and forth, and went into a hyperbaric chamber for 45 minutes each day, and spent $8000 and unbelievable number of treatments. It didn’t help.

Then the last doctor I went to said it was so bad he would be amputating my right leg. By the end of the year I would lose the left leg. I told him, even if he was a specialist, I didn’t need him for a doctor–nor did he need me for a patient. I left his office thinking of only one thing–I must do away with myself because the pain was so severe and I knew I couldn’t expect living with such awful pain nor the loss of my legs.

The tests and drugs prescribed for me were so many I can’t name them all, plus many, many X-rays. I had a myelogram, a discogram, and etc. I was given Mexitil, Elarul, Lortab, and numerous other drugs, plus my diabetic medications. I was in such a pain and my blood sugar was out of control, I can’t tell you how wonderful life is now that Dr. Tong has treated me.

The lady I work for found Dr. Tong and asked me to please come and see him. Thank God I listened. He told me from the very first visit that I would not lose my legs, and with his treatments, I would walk without a walker or a cane, and he said the pain would go away.

I have to say Dr. Tong has kept his word. I cannot praise him enough. I am so thankful I came to Dr. Tong for my treatments. For the past two years, I walk great without the brace, cane, or walker, and no more pain in my leg and hip and back. And, last of all, I still have both my legs.

Also, my diabetes was cured by Dr. Tong’s treatment. I have not needed my diabetic pills for the past two years. My blood sugar stays quite normal, even though I must be honest that I do not always follow Dr. Tong’s dietary recommendations. Before his treatments, my blood sugar levels were 180-200 or more with the two pills prescribed by other doctors. Now it is 100-120, and goes up to 140-150 when I have really indulged on my diet.

I am back now August of 1999 but, it’s because of stress concerning my life and I’m sure he will help me get rid of this also.

Daisy B.


I have been a diabetic for 37 years, and in good control with insulin until I broke my hip in 1982, and developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was put on every available drug but did not respond to any of them. I took all the anti-inflammatory drugs and suffered all devastating side effects. I took gold shots which caused horrendous sores in my mouth that prevented me from eating, causing me to lose 40 pounds. I vomited daily and had chills and fevers for 2 years, even during the summer months.

I was becoming more dependant on family and friends. I lost a lot of range of motion in my hands, wrists, and arms. This prevented me from functioning with daily activities such as opening doors, holding a phone, cutting my food, getting up from a sitting position, or even turning the key to start my car. I was in excruciating pain mentally and physically.

My doctor put me on disability for three months, but I had not returned to work for three years. I had physical therapy for 3 months daily- hubbard tank, ultrasound, hot and cold packs, whirlpool, and Jaccuzzi and wax treatments. Monthly shots of cortisone were no longer working.

I was sent to Cedars Sinal Hospital and consulted with the president of the Arthritis Foundation. It was agreed that I was a candidate for the experimental drug- “methotrexate,” a form of chemotherapy. It killed off my good cells along with my bad cells, and I had a lot of cellular abnormalities.

Three weeks after my first shot of chemotherapy, I developed ulcers on my feet. I had daily treatments on my feet, including pig skin grafts which caused me to have blood poisoning. I had cast after cast put on my feet, but that caused circulation problems. The chemotherapy prevented healing and the infection on my big toe turned into gangrene. I was hospitalized in ICU and was told I had 24 hours to 10 days to survive if I did not amputate.

I was against amputation and chose to die. An orthopedic specialist told me he could save my toe if I transferred to Memorial Hospital of Long Beach for hyperbolic oxygen treatment twice a day for two weeks. Instead of two weeks, I was hospitalized for 3 months. At the time of surgery, it was discovered that I had bone infection due to unbearable treatments.

During this last year, I have had 22 different surgeries on my feet, and I developed all the life threatening complications as a result. I ended up losing all the toes on my left foot, one by one.

I developed blood poisoning again, and I had home nurses out twice a day for 7 months. Not only was I having serious foot problems, but my body was now suffering from the agonizing arthritis pain once more. The only medicine my doctor would give me was cortisone shots, which complicated my diabetes, blood counts, and caused black and blue marks all over my legs. I was not only physically sick, but I was suffering from extreme depression as I deteriorated daily.

As a last resort, I came to Dr. Tong. He was the answer to my long sought after prayers. Since I have been having treatments from Dr. Tong, I’m no longer taking cortisone shots. I am pain free and once again very independent, and I feel good mentally and physically. The electric shocks in my feet and legs, due to severe neuropathy, I no longer experience. laser heat therapy has cleared up infections, and the ulcers on my foot are completely healed.

I highly recommend Dr. Tong and Dr. Qi to anyone who is suffering from any type of chronic pain. I only wish I had come in contact with him a few years ago.

I give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Tong and his outstanding, caring, compassionate, and efficient staff. Their only concern is making you well. Dr. Tong is truly an outstandingly remarkable “Miracle Doctor”.

Dianne F.



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