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A few years ago, I fell and hurt my left wrist. Two separate doctors said that I needed to have surgery. I didn’t want surgery and one of my friends suggested that I buy 2 small magnet pads from her. I used these magnets every day and the pain disappeared. Some time later my wrist felt uncomfortable, although there was no real pain as before. I used the magnets again and they really have helped my wrist fell better.

I know these magnets work, so when Dr. Tong and his wife invited me to a meeting, I was happy to sign up as a distributor. I wanted to help other people with their pain.

Last month my left thumb became stiff and sore, so much so that I couldn’t dry my face with a small towel. I put 2 magnets on my wrist overnight, for 6 hours, and the pain and stiffness disappeared.

During the last 4 years, from January to March, I had allergies everyday, morning to night. In the morning I would start sneezing and then have a runny nose for the rest of the day. Beginning last December, I slept on themagnet pillow for a month. It is the middle of February now and I haven’t had any of the previous problems with allergies. The magnet pillow really has helped!

Thanks to these magnetic products (I am also taking the natural supplements and wearing the foot magnets, I really have more energy and am not as tired as before.

Choung Sue

For 6 years (ever since we moved to Orange County) my daughter Jenny May had trouble breathing through her nose. She could not smell flowers, most foods, or sleep with her mouth closed. Her heavy breathing was a constant source of disruption for others (kept her sister awake nights, disturbed other children in the classroom, area of teasing, etc.) not to mention a great irritation to her. It was often accompanied by frequent bouts of sneezing, coughing, watering of the eyes, and itching of the nose.

She put up with it as best she could through the different types of treatment recommended. Homeopathic remedies, chiropractic techniques, western drugs, etc. But when her teacher told me how bad she was doing in class due to her lack of concentration (as a result of her symptoms), we knew we had to do something more “drastic” to help her. Her grades were plummeting.

friend had told us he knew of someone who had the same situation and successfully used acupuncture. Although I had some reservations, I was open to anything that would improve her state of being. We went to Dr. Tong, and after he explained the philosophy and reasoning of acupuncture to dispel our fears, he gave Jenny her first treatment. For the first time in 6 years she was able to breathe out of her nose freely. She came home and began to smell things she hadn’t smelled before. When she went to bed that night she smiled and giggled as she closed her mouth and was able to breathe. I couldn’t believe the results. Her teacher also wrote me a note to say (after the first couple of treatments) she also noticed great improvement.

Although the herbs, acupuncture, and acupressure are on-going therapy – there is a good chance she will outgrow much of this (as would many), but during the most critical phase, I feel very happy that there is a successful alternative to drug therapy. I am not against all drugs – but do believe it is best only when natural means do not suffice. She only goes when she gets “clogged up” and after a series of treatments stays clear for a few months at a time.

We are big believers of this treatment! Thank you Dr. Tong and your wonderful staff!

Margie and Jenny May M.


Before coming to Dr. Tong, I was having headaches and sinus problems and low back pain. I had taken for sinus (1) Augmentin, (2) Penicillin (3) Ceclor (4) Amoxicillin. None of these were able to help. I was taking Halicon for sleep and Florinal for headaches and Lastex for kidneys. Since coming to Dr. Tong, I have been able to function without all these medications and I feel stronger and able to do much more. My reason for trying Dr. Tong is that my ENT Dr. wanted to do a surgery on my sinus, because I was constantly having infection and it caused me to have very bad headaches. Thanks to Dr. Tong things are getting better and I have taken the herbs and they also seem to help. I want to continue with treatments to see if this can help me even more. I was also on Felixril for pain. I also had a myconeurodyanatic test that said I also had the beginning of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I also had surgery on both feet for heel spurs and my feet hurt especially after a days work and Dr. Tong treatment has also helped this as well as being able to help digest food better.

Tella B.


I came to Dr. Tong 3 years ago for severe sinus problems. Prior to seeing him, I suffered from chronic sinusitis for 3 years, and had been treated by numerous specialists. I have had six sinus surgeries, three MRI’s, and many CAT Scans and x-rays. I have even had a bone scan by an orthopedic surgeon due to the severity of my symptoms. All the frustration, time, and expense gave me no relief as I continued to suffer with increased pressure and pain from scar tissue and nerve damage from the surgeries.

My condition worsened when I got pregnant. My pain became more intense with excruciating migraines. Other doctors refused to see me due to my pregnancy. I was also suffering from severe nausea, water retention, and facial blemishes. I had been disabled for three months when I first saw Dr. Tong. After two weeks of his treatments, I was able to return to work. Within six weeks of treatments, all symptoms including the nausea and the rash disappeared. I was able to have a normal pregnancy.

My sinus problems recurred fifteen months ago. My ENT specialist treated me with antibiotics and strong narcotics, but failed to control the pain. He recommended another sinus surgery with neurolysis. However, a possible complication would be numbness or even paralysis of my face. I went back to Dr. Tong. Again, my pain completely disappeared within two months of his treatments. My breathing, sinus, and face felt better than ever!

I have had no recurrence of the problem, until a week ago when I went back East for a funeral. The stress caused a mild recurrence of my symptoms. A local physician attempted to duplicate Dr. Tong’s treatments with injections to my face. My pain got much worse, and my eyes and face became swollen. After returning to California and getting one treatment by Dr. Tong, the pain and swelling was substantially reduced.

Having been educated in Western medicine, I do not fully understand how Dr. Tong’s treatments work, but he has helped in more ways than curing my sinus pain. Because of the many trials of antibiotics I received for my sinus problem, my immune system has been weakened. I have had frequent upper respiratory infections. I went to Dr. Tong during one acute episode of bronchitis and within two treatments, it was completely gone! I also had frequent yeast and urinary tract infections. Last year, I was treated by my gynecologist for three months with antibiotics, C&S, Papp smear, VDRL, and more. Still, the burning and dysuria persisted. He then performed two urethral dilation surgeries on me, but I was worse afterwards. Dr. Tong gave me two treatments, and I was 100% relieved, without a recurrence since that time.

Last year, my eighteen month old son came down with a severe middle ear infection. He was treated with weeks of antibiotics plus drainage tubes in both ears. Still, the infection failed to subside. After one treatment by Dr. Tong, his pain and irritability was immediately alleviated and has had no problem since then!

With the current health care mess, it would be most appropriate for the medical profession to recognize Dr. Tong’s accomplishment as well as to learn his method of treatments.

Christine M


After years of suffering with a sick body, unable to work, seeing doctor after doctor, and getting no results, I finally came upon Dr. Tong.

During my first visit, I told him of my many ailments: chronic sinus infections, chronic stomach disorder, extreme fatigue, dizziness, headaches, sleeplessness, numb legs, numb hands, back problems, circulation problems, extreme heat sensitivity, stress, depression, and menstrual disorder.

Within two treatments with Dr. Tong, I began to feel better – over the last few months I have had excellent results. Many of my problems have improved tremendously or have disappeared.

I feel with continued treatments, I will completely get well and be able to return to work.

This has been the only medical treatment that has worked and for the first time in years I have hope that my health will be restored completely.

Jenny G

Allergies, Sinus Headache, Stress, Depression, Fatigue 

I suffered from allergies and acute bronchitis. I was exhausted, sleepy and sad. Since God put Dr. Tong in my way, life has been great. My allergy to pets is over, my chest doesn’t feel full of mucous anymore. I’m breathing better, exercising again and enjoying life. Also I stopped being too worried and learned how to live for today. It is great to have my energy back. It is like being in heaven.



My menstrual cramps are 75% better, sinus problem is 50% better, constipation is 100% better, back pains are 50% better, and asthma is 75% better. Noticed improvement immediately.

I want to continue treatments because progress towards 100% recovery is within a few months.

Mary S.


My sister, Helen introduced me to Dr. Tong and strongly recommended him.   I was injured at work.  I couldn’t walk without extreme pain in my lower back and legs.  I had many other problems for 30 years.  I was a cigarette smoker and tried many methods of giving it up without success.  I went from doctor to doctor, the last doctor I went to 66 times.  I wasn’t getting any better, instead I was getting worse.  My sister kept talking to me to go to Dr. Tong.  So finally, I went and after the first treatment, I had no pain.  I went into the hospital for the epidural injection and feel like I am beginning to live again.  He cured me of my pain in the back and legs.  He also cured me of addiction to cigarettes.  I no longer smoke.  He helped me with all my medical problems such as my nervous stomach and chronic sinus problem.

Dr. Tong is the most remarkable doctor, I have ever gone to in  my life.  Dr. Tong, Dr. Qi and Dr. Lu, I thank God for each one of these caring remarkable people, who have really given me freedom from pain.  I can now get out and enjoy life again.  The staff is as remarkable and efficient too.  My deepest gratitude to each and every one of them.

Leone F.


I have received your letter on June 2, 1995, and frankly it surprises me. I have been a customer of Blue Cross for some time. However, it took very little time to decide my treatments are not medically necessary.

I’m seeing Dr. Tong for severe sinus conditions, commonly called chronic fatigue syndrome. Before I started treatment it was difficult to work a full day without feeling very week and tired. My problem was so bad I was considering checking myself into a hospital. As a last resort before I did this, I decided to visit Dr. Tong. Before this time, I have seen several doctors and none was able to help!!!!

Dr. Tong started me on nerve block and triggering point injections. This not only helped me with the pain, it also began to help my symptoms for the first time in my life. His philosophy for treatment may not be in your mainstream of thinking; however, this treatment has began to give me a new lease on life.

Since seeing Dr. Tong my conditions have improved. However, I still need some more help to clean up this condition. I do not want this lack of treatment  to make me vulnerable to future health problems.

I know insurance companies need information to determine benefits. I hope this letter will satisfy that need. Please inform me as soon as possible so as to enable me to continue Dr. Tong’s treatment. If you deprive me of these treatments, I have no choice but to seek hospitalization, legal counsel, and the insurance company will be held liable for all the physical and emotional stress and trauma this denial has caused. I have paid my premium and Blue Cross in turn should fulfill their promise and pay for their coverage they provide.



It has been brought to my attention that you have decided not to pay for some of my medical bills that were incurred from Dr. Tong. I would like to take this time to inform you that I only went to Dr. Tong after conventional medications did not help my medical problems.

When I first went to Dr. Tong suffering from pain in my arms and legs, his treatment not only helped me with my joint pain in these areas, but also improved my range of motion, relieved my headaches and lowered my blood pressure. As you can see this treatment was very beneficial.

In addition, not only were my ailments cured, I feel that Dr. Tong has saved my insurance carrier countless amounts of money due to previous non-healing techniques that resulted in thousands of dollars in medical costs. Furthermore, medications previously taken are no longer necessary. These medications include: Calan, for high blood pressure, and Kalonopin, for anxiety and stress and countless over-the-counter antihistamines for sinus conditions.


Randy S.


To the potential patients of Dr. Tong:

Feeling trapped and swollen, my symptoms of sinusitis and muscle tension bring me without haste to Dr. Tong. He is a healer beyond modern medicine, a teacher of mind spirit and body emphasizing their role in daily life. I want to feel 100%, but I am far from my mark. I can think of various sources for my persistent head colds and mental depression, but I know the fastest way to cure it.

Dr. Tong is the first doctor I want to diagnose my case and offer me wisdom from two schools of medicine. The effects of the office visit lasts far beyond the day you see him. This doctor’s advice should enrich your mental, physical, and spiritual qualities. Dr. Tong has successfully pinpointed my nutritional deficiencies, which are the primary cause for acne, cramps, muscle tension, sinusitis, etc. Dr. Tong reduced my physical suffering in addition to shortening the time I spent out sick from work or school. Most importantly, Dr. Tong has focused my attention on preventative medicine and the uniting of my mind, spirit, and body to create healthy energy. Grateful to the wisdom and care of Dr. Tong, I know in the future I will maintain good health and avoid the down time of illness.

The serious responsibility of guiding my personal health is something I no longer take for granted, I do not know of any doctor who cares for his patients like Dr. Tong. I relate to others’ fear of needles, but I cannot think of a more effective method for instant relief from pain and suffering. However, this relaxation only develops if the treatments are received with an open mind that can conquer the unknown and learn about the personal sensitivities they battle. I had to alter my diet and increase my level of physical activity, but it is all worth it as I live life pain-free!


 Jessica H

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