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** Epileptic encephalopathy Gad is a 16 year old boy who has suffered from frequent grandmal seizures since 1991, diagnosed by neurologists at Children’s Hospital at Los Angeles as epileptic encephalopathy and intractable seizure disorder. Despite having been treated by well-known institutions in the world, he progressively deteriorated. For the few years prior to NBE intervention, he has had seizures daily, and sometimes required as many as 11 emergency room treatments in one day. High dose of various medication, such as dilantin, phenobarbital, depakene, mysoline, oral and IV steroids, as well as the ketogenic diet failed to produce any improvement. He developed progressive cognitive and memory dysfunction, dysphasia, apraxia, and somnolence, as well as many side effects from the drugs he was taking.

 To the astonishment of the family, the patient was instantly awakened by the first NBE treatment from a drooling, stuporous sensorium, which he suffered for six years, to a fully alert state. For two days, he did not have any seizures. The seizures recurred after a brief visit to Las Vegas due to the polluted indoor environment. Within two months of weekly NBE therapies, herbs and supplements, the frequency of the seizures was reduced to a few episodes per month that were not as severe. His cognition, memory, speech and cerebral function markedly improved, revealing a boy quite mature and intelligent for his age. Unfortunately, after eight months of treatment, continued therapy was disapproved by his insurance carrier. The patient then underwent neurosurgery at a cost of nearly $300,000, yet he ended up worse than he was prior to NBE therapy, with hemiparesis, loss of speech and greatly impaired mental function. He is currently receiving physical therapy with little amelioration of his condition.


Gad is our sixteen year old son who started having Grandmal Seizures seven years ago. As concerned parents we took our dear son to any place that was mentioned to us, hoping to find the best doctors who could really help him. We took him to Mayo Clinic, Chicago, New York, San Diego, Boston, Beirut, and Los Angeles. He was given many drugs: Depakene, Tegratol, Dilanton, Misolin, Phenobarbital, Neurontin, Felbamate, and more. He had many MRI and PET Scans. Finally, the doctors put Gad on a Ketogenic Diet. We had high hopes for this diet. Unfortunately, it made him weak. Gad lost thirty-five pounds. He was constantly hungry and had no energy.

His seizures were getting worse, often requiring nine to eleven emergency room visits per day! These were frightening and upsetting to us. We had no family life because our whole focus was on Gad. We could never leave him alone, even when he went to the bathroom. I had to sleep with him because if there was a time when he did not have a seizure during the day, as soon as he fell asleep at night he would have one or more.

In addition, Gad had double vision, poor balance, drooled constantly, and had a very bad complexion. He was never alert and responded to stimulus very slowly; sometimes he would not respond at all. He slept a lot, often twenty-four hours continuously. Most of the time he was tired and asleep; many times depressed.

One day Gad’s aunt told us about Dr. Tong, so right away we went to see him. We are so glad that we have found such a great hope for Gad, because Dr. Tong has helped Gad a great deal. Even on the first visit, Gad was practically turned around, awakened out of this nightmare. He opened his eyes to the world that he was not aware of for the last seven years.

After the first treatment, I could see a big difference. He got up and started to ask many questions, like, “What happened to me? I see better; my head is clear; I feel better; am I going to sleep without seizures?” He had a big smile, like that of a helpless child, asking, “Would you please help me?”

The next day, I spoke to Gad’s teachers, and they were equally impressed and noticed a big difference in him. He had no problem waking up early anymore. With a positive outlook, Gad is always ready to get treatments from Dr. Tong, which are helping in many other ways:

He no longer sleeps at all during the day. His pattern of sleep has improved, sleeping at regular hours during the night. He is off the Ketogenic Diet, and is gaining weight. He is completely alert and more energetic. His eyes look clear. He no longer drools. His complexion has improved. His balance and vision are better.

He can carry on a conversation in clear sentences. He actually can care for himself now. He is doing much better in school and wants learn more everyday.

Dr. Tong enhances his treatments with the use of magnets, a magnetic mattress, and auricular therapy using the electrical stimulation unit. The magnets help Gad increase his energy and sleep better. He does not go anywhere without them.

In the first weekend in May, Gad was able to play volleyball for five hours during a family picnic. While he was playing, we were very concerned; however, he suffered no ill consequences. This was the first time in seven years he was able to participate in any kind of such activity and function like a normal teenager. We are so excited about this!

Yesterday, for the first time in years, I left him alone for twenty minutes while I drove to pick up my daughter. After many years of sleeping with Gad, I have been able to sleep in my own bed again for the last two weeks!

Our miracle is not complete yet. Gad still has a seizure occasionally, usually due to catching a cold and having a fever, or eating too much “hot food”. However, this is considerably less than nine to eleven a day, and we are hopeful that one day he will be seizure free.

Dr. Tong will never be forgotten by the Kamal family, especially Gad. He cannot fully express how thankful he is to Dr. Tong. He told one of our friends, “First there is God, then there is Dr. Tong.” This was his last resort.

God Bless You Dr. Tong for giving our son back.


Jasmina K.


**Seizure Mary is a 46 year old female who had a cerebellar astrocytoma removed in 1976, followed by radiation. She developed seizures, headaches, and complete baldness, and has been treated without success using various combinations of dilantin, tegretol, depakene, and mysoline. Despite increasing dosages of these medications for many years, she progressively deteriorated. She was taking 1500 mg depakene, 500 mg tegretol, and 0.2 mg florinef daily to no avail, and still suffered from head injuries from falling due to seizures that occurred several times per week.

Three months of NBE treatments suppressed her seizures, enabling her to discontinue the florinef and 75% of the seizure medications. Her energy, ataxia, and general well-being were markedly improved. For the first time in twenty years, there was a significant growth of her head hair. Unfortunately, NBE therapy was discontinued because of insurance denial.



**Cerebellar degeneration Marilyn was a 61 year old female disabled from cerebellar degeneration, ataxia, frequent falls from poor balance, severe fatigue, speech impairment, and poor mental acuity. She also developed an immune deficiency with frequent respiratory and urinary infections, which were only slightly responsive to amantadine.

A few weeks of NBE treatments produced dramatic improvement noted by the patient and her friends. The amantadine was discontinued. Six months of periodic therapy alleviated the symptoms of ataxia, fatigue, recurrent infections, and obtunded sensorium. The patient was able to return to writing, and has been free of symptoms without medication since 1995.


After eight months of your treatments, I feel, look and move much medically improved from the day I walked into your office. This was following over four years of treatment of Western-style only medicine.

Over five years ago I awakened one morning to discover that my life had changed overnight. Unable to think clearly, I was also unable to walk in a straight line, and would sometimes veer off into another direction than the path I was walking. Small objects slipped through my fingers, unnoticed. It required all my abilities of concentration to perform simple automatic functions of the body.

I attributed these frightening changes to stress. For the past twenty years I commuted to my job in Los Angeles via the Los Angeles freeway system (including the interchange) during peak traffic hours. My travel time was at least three hours daily, oftentimes more. This was in addition to my responsible, stressful full-time job.

My sister informed me that I was walking like a drunken sailor; I replied I thought it must be temporary, due to stress, but I realized it was time to seek professional medical help.

The first neurologist I consulted (recommended by my general physician) after reading the results of a prescribed MRI and EEG, informed me that my condition was due to alcoholism. This diagnosis was insane as I do not drink or smoke. He claimed I was in denial. Once I had jokingly told him I was a chocoholic, as I have an admitted weakness for chocolate.

My dermatologist informed me that he had invited this physician to lunch to discuss my condition, and informed him that I had been his patient for over twenty years, and he confirmed that I was not an alcoholic. I did not learn about this doctor-to-doctor meeting until this past year.

My dermatologist agreed with me that this was a misdiagnosis He is a learned man, lecturing at U.S.C. and active at City of Hope.

This neurologist then insisted I complete an expensive psychological test (taken at the medical group he was a member of) to determine if I was depressed. Of course I was depressed and told him so, but I was not clinically depressed. If I weren’t depressed, I would truly be mentally ill. The results of these tests determined I was mildly depressed, which I would think was normal. The doctor insisted on a Prozac prescription, but I refused, again stating I wasn’t in need of the drug. Instead he prescribed Amantadyne which he said would sometimes help patients, sometimes not. He warned me not to expect any improvement in my medical condition, but he would attempt…no guarantee…to keep my condition from deteriorating, as the MRI revealed a “lacy” condition in my cerebellum.

Naturally, I sought a second medical opinion. Another six months passed; another MRI revealed no noticeable deterioration of my cerebellum. The cause of my condition, the second neurologist informed me, could have its origin in several possibilities, including medical science did not have the answer, they just didn’t know the cause or cure.

During this period of time my symptoms were similar to the effects of multiple sclerosis, but doctors had determined this was not my disease.

I fell on two occasions, causing injuries that brought me to a sports medicine specialist. X-rays revealed I hadn’t broken any bones, but fluid was drained by a long needle from my left knee on several occasions. I walked into walls, furniture and landscaping. They were not my intended destinations. My feet shuffled, one in front of the other. It was impossible to focus my mind on command. I experienced muscular weakness. My symptoms, according to two neurologists were similar to muscular sclerosis victims. I was given countless tests.– for Alzheimer stroke, thyroid, inner-ear, Wilson’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease….and those I don’t remember. I was given several blood tests, over one dozen, for I know not what. Once again, the neurologist informed me they would attempt to keep my medical condition from further deterioration.

When I consulted Dr. Tong in January or this year, without the above tests, he diagnosed my medical condition as due to prolonged stress. He set a program to combat my physical disabilities and still clouded mind, lack of body strength and the onset of incontinence.

I am very grateful to Dr. Tong, and have recommended him to both family members and friends. He has given me hope to regain the person I once was.

During this short period of time I have greatly improved; not only am I aware of the improvement, but it is praised by friends and family.




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