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Like so many of your now healthy patients before me, I am pleased to send you this unsolicited letter. Outside of Christ, you are the “Healer of All Healers.” You have saved me, as well as countless others with your ubiquitous knowledge of the human body, and I sincerely thank you for it.

I was diagnosed by specialists from Stanford Medical School to Scripps in La Jolla, after several MRI’s, to have arachnoiditis. I had been suffering for many years, twenty to be exact. At the time of our first meeting, I was wearing a test bag around my waist containing an epidural pump, and a catheter which was hooked up to my lower back. I was walking around like a zombie, and was on the verge of having this contraption permanently installed in my side. I am thankful that I was led to you. You were not interested in seeing the forty pounds of reports and film that I brought you, only my tongue, which seemed a little different. During your first session sticking that awesome looking needle in me, I felt immediate relief.

Since that time, I have steadily improved with each visit, especially which you asked me to try those magnetic inner soles. I didn’t think too much about them since I was wearing the same pair of tennis shoes everyday. Our of sight, our of mind, you might say. I was feeling so good, I even volunteered to help my brother paint his house. I was feeling great, but when it came to do the actual painting, I changed into a pair of older tennis shoes. I didn’t realize until about two that afternoon when I was all worn out, that I had forgotten to place the magnetic insoles in the shoes I was wearing. What a difference it makes when I wear them. In fact, I am very happy with all the magnetic products.

Dave S


I have been a diabetic for 37 years, and in good control with insulin until I broke my hip in 1982, and developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was put on every available drug but did not respond to any of them. I took all the anti-inflammatory drugs and suffered all devastating side effects. I took gold shots which caused horrendous sores in my mouth that prevented me from eating, causing me to lose 40 pounds. I vomited daily and had chills and fevers for 2 years, even during the summer months.

I was becoming more dependant on family and friends. I lost a lot of range of motion in my hands, wrists, and arms. This prevented me from functioning with daily activities such as opening doors, holding a phone, cutting my food, getting up from a sitting position, or even turning the key to start my car. I was in excruciating pain mentally and physically.

My doctor put me on disability for three months, but I had not returned to work for three years. I had physical therapy for 3 months daily- hubbard tank, ultrasound, hot and cold packs, whirlpool, and Jaccuzzi and wax treatments. Monthly shots of cortisone were no longer working.

I was sent to Cedars Sinal Hospital and consulted with the president of the Arthritis Foundation. It was agreed that I was a candidate for the experimental drug- “methotrexate,” a form of chemotherapy. It killed off my good cells along with my bad cells, and I had a lot of cellular abnormalities.

Three weeks after my first shot of chemotherapy, I developed ulcers on my feet. I had daily treatments on my feet, including pig skin grafts which caused me to have blood poisoning. I had cast after cast put on my feet, but that caused circulation problems. The chemotherapy prevented healing and the infection on my big toe turned into gangrene. I was hospitalized in ICU and was told I had 24 hours to 10 days to survive if I did not amputate.

I was against amputation and chose to die. An orthopedic specialist told me he could save my toe if I transferred to Memorial Hospital of Long Beach for hyperbolic oxygen treatment twice a day for two weeks. Instead of two weeks, I was hospitalized for 3 months. At the time of surgery, it was discovered that I had bone infection due to unbearable treatments.

During this last year, I have had 22 different surgeries on my feet, and I developed all the life threatening complications as a result. I ended up losing all the toes on my left foot, one by one.

I developed blood poisoning again, and I had home nurses out twice a day for 7 months. Not only was I having serious foot problems, but my body was now suffering from the agonizing arthritis pain once more. The only medicine my doctor would give me was cortisone shots, which complicated my diabetes, blood counts, and caused black and blue marks all over my legs. I was not only physically sick, but I was suffering from extreme depression as I deteriorated daily.

As a last resort, I came to Dr. Tong. He was the answer to my long sought after prayers. Since I have been having treatments from Dr. Tong, I’m no longer taking cortisone shots. I am pain free and once again very independent, and I feel good mentally and physically. The electric shocks in my feet and legs, due to severe neuropathy, I no longer experience. laser heat therapy has cleared up infections, and the ulcers on my foot are completely healed.

I highly recommend Dr. Tong and Dr. Qi to anyone who is suffering from any type of chronic pain. I only wish I had come in contact with him a few years ago.

I give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Tong and his outstanding, caring, compassionate, and efficient staff. Their only concern is making you well. Dr. Tong is truly an outstandingly remarkable “Miracle Doctor”.

Dianne F


Ten years ago I cut out an article about a “miracle doctor“. It had many testimonials from deeply grateful people who had suffered for years with chronic pain. I was very impressed and longed to go as I had suffered with a tremendous amount of pain. My children were all under ten years old and since Dr. Tong’s office was 500 miles away, I didn’t feel as though I could just take off for a while!

Not jumping on a plane right then was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. For ten years, I tried every anti-inflammatory known to man. I entered a holistic hospital for three weeks where they told me I was allergic to my new house, so we sold it! I fasted for 31 days on carrot juice, made my own sprouts and yogurt, lost 32 pounds, and had colonics three times a week for a year. Then came the gold, ACTH, cortisone shots, prednisone, plaquenil, 3500 mg of aspirin, zantac (for the ulcers), and it was all topped off with methotrexate, and oral form of chemotherapy, which has a list of side effects that start with death! I also had two foot surgeries because the knuckles were bent like a bird on a perch, and the bones were fighting to come out through the skin.

I was scheduled for another surgery and I decided to see Dr. Tong before getting carved up again. I live an hour away from him now, so I called his number and he was still in the same office! I was delighted! He’s not a quack- no quack can stay in the same place for ten years!

On my first visit, my major complaints were painful feet, wrists, lower back, weak bladder, TMJ, sore chest and throat, depression, and chronic fatigue. After one visit, I woke up the next day without white foam in my mouth, with my jaw in line, my throat and chest totally better, and I had slept without getting up four or five times! I’ve had seven sessions since then and my toes are actually straightening before my eyes!

Anyone who has a chronic illness will be stunned to hear this one. I don’t take any medication!!! If I get extremely stressed out and start to feel my body reacting to the stress, I get a treatment and drink the herbs that Dr. Qi, the herbologist, has especially designed for me.

Dr. Tong’s treatment controls the stress, lifts the depression, and boosts your energy level. Shortly after coming to Dr. Tong, I went through a very tragic situation. He was so compassionate, so kind, and the methods he used to ease my emotional pain were incredibly effective. I would leave his offices with a smile on my face and joy in my heart!

I am writing this because I don’t want anyone else to wait ten years to find relief and better health. I thank God for Dr. Tong!



In 1989, I was diagnosed with Fibrositis, Arthritis, and a year later I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since then, I have developed several other diseases because of the medications that I have been taking for the past 3 1/2 years… I was on pain killers and sleeping pills. I have been to physical therapy occupational therapy. I have seen gynecologists and all kinds of specialists …Since then I have had several surgeries including a hysterectomy…

I live in San Antonio, Texas, and a friend of mine gave me a call two weeks ago telling me about this doctor in California. He wanted me to try him and see if I could get rid of some of this pain…I went ahead and drove to California to see Dr. Tong. I had the acupuncture and the shots. On the very first treatment, I was very surprised to find out that it worked so good for me that I stopped taking all my medication. I’ve been off my medication for ten days and I feel great! I have no pain and the swelling has gone down. It’s been such a drastic change that I’m slipping out of my shoes. My shoes went down two sizes in two weeks because the swelling in my feet have gone down…It really works. Dr. Tong is great. He gave my back my life again and I’m very happy about it.

Herlinda M.

Bursitis, Arthritis

Back in November 1997 I heard about your practice. Over the past few years I had been seriously considering your type of technique of medicine. Not so much as a last resort, but a change from what I was used too!

I have had what I consider chronic shoulder and lower back/nerve pain for the past several years. Arthritis and Bursitis are fairly common on both sides of my family. Combine those factors with an outside physical occupation in the petroleum industry, I found the need to seek the type of care you have provided me.

I have been under the care of numerous medical professionals, have been x-rayed many times, had an MRI much physical therapy and was finally prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, the latter of which resulted in two separate hospital stays for serious stomach irritation and disorders.

That was a major turning point in my life, and I decided to change the way I was living. I just wish I would have made the change sooner, but the bottom fine is “I DID IT”! After the first couple of visits to your office, the treatments I received had an immediate impact on me both physically and mentally. I am skeptical and not easily swayed or convinced of certain ideas. I can honestly say that I am now feeling much better than I have in many years!

Your manner of talking to me and asking me many things about myself, rather than talking “at” me was and is very appreciated. Your form of communication between doctor and patient I have found to be uncommon. I was somewhat surprised at what you seemed to know about me early on in our relationship. Amazing to say the least!

In closing, it has only been a few months since MY first visit, and I am quite happy to say the results have been just great. I have more back and shoulder motion than I’ve had in years. As time goes on, I expect my condition to only keep improving, I am sure it will! I would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr, Qi for the acupuncture treatments, messages and herbal remedies that have also made a world of difference to my health and well being. Along with your caring and helpful staff, they have helped to make this experience truly remarkable!

Our goal is to become “PAIN FREE”. We will achieve that goal!
Thanks again for all you have done for me!!



When I started going to Dr. Tong I could hardly walk.  I had such bad arthritis.  I also had a speech problem.  Now I can walk much better with very little pain, and I can also talk better!  We all fear pain and run from pain.   But Dr. Tong runs to pain-he is a healer.  Dear friends, try him for yourself.

John S.


I have severe arthritis on my left knee.  The condition was so excruciating that sometimes I had to crawl to the bathroom at night.  After one treatment by Dr. Tong, I felt 100% better.  For 2 days, I was able to sleep without taking pain medications and was also able to walk normally without a cane.  I will be moving to Arizona, but I will come back to Dr. Tong if I need to.  I am just totally satisfied with the results.  I am just thrilled. 

Ruth B.


I am a patient of Yee Wing Tong, M.D.  I came to him with such arthritis pain in my legs, I was ready to amputate my legs off.  I was exhausted from taking many different kinds of medication with no relief.  That’s when I decided to try Dr. Tong.

After the first treatment, I felt 98% better.  I was amazed and so happy!  I now see that these treatments are successful.  I am becoming a healthy person for the first time in years.  I have seen many, many doctors with no help at all.  I thoroughly support Dr. Tong’s treatments!

Terilynn M.


I started seeing Dr. Tong June of 1992. I started having problems with my body. My leg was having pain where I couldn’t go up or down stairs without being in pain or going to the bathroom when I go up stairs. When I go down stairs I went to the bathroom. My leg was very weak. I was thinking I would need help later going up and down. I try to walk and exercise to make my leg much stronger and get rid of the pain. A friend told me about Dr. Tong and I figured what do I have to lose. When I saw my friend at work and he told me about Dr. Tong I was feeling like my body was falling apart. Short-winded, nerves, and tension headaches. I don’t know exactly what happened to me, but since I was seeing Dr. Tong, everything is so much better. I feel a lot better. I also have so much faith in Dr. Tong that if I could continue my treatment he could solve my problem. I am getting results. I feel the pain every now and then if I move incorrectly, but not as often as before. My head is not aching, hot or cold. A little sore, but not until I touch it.

Betty D.


Mankind is so busy making instruments to destroy God’s most precious gift of life that they’ve overlooked decent men like Dr. Tong and his fine co-doctors like Dr. Chu and his fine team of names. They are very caring people who are making life worth living again for pain wrecked people like me. I was very sick with arthritis of both hands and knees and used to cry night and day and wanted to die until I saw an add of his on the LA Times and I came to see him often for treatments and regained pain-free use of both hands. Also I have 80% pain-free use of my legs and hope the world will beat a path to his offices and know the joy of being pain-free and well again. I owe my interest and joy in life again to Dr. Tong and his fine staff.

Thank you,

Carmen R.

“I have very bad rheumatoid arthritis. For several weeks I had not been able to sleep because of the severe pain in my hip and leg. Since nothing I did gave me any relief, I decided to try acupuncture. I went to Dr. Tong and after several treatments, I started to get some relief. Now, after 10 treatments the pain is gone 90% of the time. I am sleeping better and have gone back to my light exercise class. My thanks to Dr. Tong and his assistants.
-Helen Bullock”

“No More Pinched Sciatic Nerve
In June I fell and hurt my lower back and could not walk. I have had severe rheumatoid arthritis for many years. My dr. looked at the x rays of my lower back and said “look at all that arthritis, you are looking for a miracle and I don’t do miracles”. He ordered complete bed rest for 2 months which helped nothing. Then I saw Dr. Tong’s ad and he said he could help me. I took a series of treatments and am now pain free and able to walk good again. Also I was having these strange spells like I was going to pass out. Told Dr. Tong and he gave me treatment and haven’t had one since. I highly recommend Dr. Tong.
-Elizabeth Ritter”

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