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After 2 previous suicide attempts, I was seriously planning a third after another afternoon of writhing on the floor in pain, when I came upon an article regarding Dr. Tong’s treatments.

For the first time in 26 years, I felt hope that there might be an answer to the constant nagging, exhausting, and often debilitating pain which I was forced to live with.

The pain began in August 1965 from an injury that occurred during my 4th pregnancy. It was excruciating. I worked with a respected orthopedic surgeon in our area, trying physical therapy, drug therapy, traction, and shoe lift, anything we could think of to avoid surgery. But in 1970, I had a L 4-5 laminectomy and fusion and spent 3 months immobilized in be in a full body cast and then 6 months in a walking body cast. I stopped dragging my foot after surgery. The pain did not stop.

Over the next 21 years, after my surgeon told me that he thought the pain which I continued to have was only in my head, I didn’t quit looking for help. I sought treatment in many different ways with various doctors:

– a neurologist

– John Hopkins Pain Clinic – one month

– Additional surgery

– drugs – years

– acupuncture

– chiropractors – years

to name a few. Nothing that I tried worked in drastically reducing the pain until my first visit with Dr. Tong. I felt an immediate difference in the pain that had totally engulfed the right side of my body – head to toe – for half of my life! I left that office with my heart soaring with hope!

Dr. Tong has treated me now for over 3 years and the pain that I have lived with now for 30 years had been reduced 70 to 80% to an area on my upper back and my right hip with occasional sciatica involvement. I no longer think about suicide and am looking forward to a future with my grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, hopefully, free of pain.

My husband and I are originally from Indiana and all of our family now lives there. We plan on moving back there soon. When asked when, I reply, :When I’m done working with Dr. Tong.”


Word of this treatment has to get out! There are so many people like me who’s lives would be changed to be more livable, healthy, and productive as mine is becoming.





Judith A. K.


** Arachnoiditis David suffered from low back pain associated with degenerative joint disease for twenty years. For four years prior to NBE therapy, he “lived” on reclining chair 24 hours a day. Specialists from UCLA, Stanford, Mayo Clinic, and Scripps in La Jolla made the diagnosis of arachnoiditis, but offered no effective treatment. An anesthesiologist inserted an intrathecal test pump, but continuous infusion of dilaudid and methadone via PCA along with multiple oral medication failed to provide relief.

The first NBE treatment produced a dramatic response and the patient had the intrathecal catheter removed after the second treatment. After an initial five month therapy and periodic treatments for exacerbations, the patient was cured. He has not needed any form of therapy for the last two years.


Like so many of your now healthy patients before me, I am pleased to send you this unsolicited letter. Outside of Christ, you are the “Healer of All Healers.” You have saved me, as well as countless others with your ubiquitous knowledge of the human body, and I sincerely thank you for it.

I was diagnosed by specialists from Stanford, Mayo Clinic, Houston, and Scripps in La Jolla, to have arachnoiditis. I had been suffering since my back surgery 20 years ago. At the time of our first meeting, I was wearing an epidural pump, which was pumping 12 mg of Dilaudid an hour into my spinal cord, plus taking 10 mg Methadone four times a day. I was walking around like a zombie but still in a lot of pain. I was on the verge of having this contraption permanently installed in my body. I am thankful that I was led to you. You were not interested in seeing the forty pound of MRI’s and films that I brought–only my tongue. During the first session sticking that awesome looking needle in me, I felt immediate relief.

Since that time, I have steadily improved with each visit, especially when you asked me to try those magnetic soles. What a difference it makes when I wear them. In fact, I am very happy with all the magnetic products and your total program of stress and nutritional guidance.

Dave S.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

To Whom it May Concern: 

                On 2/02/98, I had my first visit with Dr. Tong. He was the first Doctor, since my last surgery, that gave me hope for controlling the pain that I have. Before my first visit, I was taking a long list of medications for pain, epilepsy, menopause, asthma, and depression. A brief history of my medical problems reads as follows. I have experienced complex partial and grand mal seizures since age l 3. The latest grand mal occurred Dec. 1997. On Oct. 1993 I had back surgery due to a diagnosed, disrupted disc at L5-S1 A bone implant and fusion with Titanium instrumentation was performed. I had 40% relief from pain for about one year. Then the pain gradually increased, and swelling in the area of the instrumentation started. By August of 1995, the pain became unbearable, even with morphine, muscle relaxants and valium. On Oct. 1995 the instrumentation was removed. Since then I have tried massage therapy, physical therapy, tens units and many different kinds of pain killers with only slight and partial relief. Below is a summary of my history since the first surgery.

Oct. 1996: 75 mg Loracet (10-650) and Darvocets N100 75 per week. Demerol injections sometimes 3-4 times per month (up to 200 mg per injection + 75 mg phenergan). Only partial relief of pain. Physical therapy was prescribed for about 6 month. Each time the exercise increased, the pain became greater until I could not walk due to the pain.

                May 1997: The Doctor informed me that he could not help me anymore, because I needed too many pain killers. I obtained another doctor and requested help through a pain management specialist. At that time I was taking 15-20 loracets plus methocarbanol  8-12 per day, and would still make trips to the emergency room for demerol injections. I would obtain only partial short term relief.

               July 1997: I was prescribed Methadone ( 120 mg’s. Per day). 1 also maintained 75 loracets per week and muscle relaxants. I over dosed several times because even these were not controlling the pain.

              Oct. 1997 I was admitted into the hospital when the pain became totally uncontrollable I spent 10 days with Diladud I.V. using patient-controlled analgesia, 100 mg Demerol injections every hour, 300 mg Robaxin, and 10 mg Valium every 6 hours. I was released with prescription for 360 mg’s. MS Contin, per day, Methocarbanol 4 times per day, Valium 4 times per day, Vistaril 4 times per day, and Elavil. Even with all of this I was still in pain that would require the use of a wheel chair.

             Nov. 1997 I tried Methadone again. 120 mg’s. Per day, 50 mg’s. Elavil, 2700 mg’s Neurontin per day ( for seizures and pain). I would still have to take Darvon, Percodan and /or loracets up to 75 per week, with Methocarbanol, in order to gain relief.

            Dec. 1997: I had a MRI performed, which showed significant narrowing of the spinal canal at L4-L5, Stenosis, and Neuritis. I consulted a Orthopedic doctor specialized in Micro Surgery. He said that he could do surgery and possibly help reduce the pain, with no promise as to the results. I had many doubts because of the results from my previous surgeries. Other doctors told me that I could not be helped and that I needed to learn to live with the pain. I felt that I would be better off dead.

            Feb. 2, 1998: I had my first visit with Dr. Tong. He was able to relieve my pain that day. I have had 6 visits, with about a 50% overall reduction in pain. I also have been able to reduce or stop other medications. My outlook is now optimistic and I also realize that this will take time, but I now feel that I can improve and will be able to look forward to a better life. 

Christine H.



Methadone 120 mg/day
Darvon Compound 65-75 mg/week
Methacarbonal 50-75/week
Percodan 50-75/ week
Demerol 200 mg injections+ Phernegan 75 mg 2-3/month Vistaril 100 mg 3/day
Tigan 200 mg as needed
Valium 10mg 1-2/day
Elavil 50 mg/day
Depakote 250 mg/day
Neurontin 2700 mg/day
Ventolin, Servent for asthma, as needed
Asmacort as needed
 Prilosec 2/day
Estraderm patches .05 2/week
Estrace cream 3 times a week
Imitrex 2/day

After First Treatment

60 mg/day
discontinued for ten days, then 300-600 mg/day

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Carole K.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

My name is Daniel Theisen and I am a student at LBCC. I sustained a serious spinal injury in 1980 which left me permanently crippled. Since then I have suffered from persistent chronic pain in the back and legs. From 1985 till 1987 I was in such excruciating pain that I just laid in bed and tried to hang on from day to day. The medications I was taking at the time kept me in a near zombie-like state. I received my first chemical nerve block from Dr. Tong in April 1987 and the relief from the first treatment was remarkable. Since then I have been getting regular nerve blocks from Dr. Tong, supplemented by traditional acupuncture and electrical stimulation along the key meridians of my body.

In summer 1989 I felt well enough to enroll in my first course at LBCC. I took just 5 hours of Spanish and it was still very difficult to come to school every day. Dr. Tong introduced me to powerful biofeedback techniques in January 1990, and I continue to improve slowly but steadily every day.

Presently, I am able to carry on a very busy daily schedule. I tutor other students 20 hours per week, I am enrolled in Nancy Redmond’s Desktop Publishing course, and I write and take photos for City Magazine. I am still in pain, but it is greatly reduced, and I am able to lead a very active life. I am confident that I will continue to improve under Dr. Tong’s care.

Dr. Tong has successfully treated a wide range of medical problems with acupuncture, herbal medicine, chemical nerve blocks, biofeedback techniques, and electrical stimulation. He is especially successful in curing chronic pain conditions and he accepts all forms of medical insurance.

Dr. Tong’s office is located just 2 miles southeast of LBCC. If you are suffering from medical problems that seem hopeless, or you are tired of taking endless medications that don’t seem to do you any good, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to Dr. Tong. Your continued good health is his primary concern

Daniel T.

Note by Dr. Tong:

After 7 years of treatments from numerous specialists, rehab programs (including 2 spinal surgeries), repeated cystoscopies and antibiotics for recurrent UTI’s, this patient ended up bedridden. He was suffering from excruciating pain despite liberal use of narcotics, and a heavy body brace, which itself caused numerous body sores and ulcerations.

We treated him for 2 years with nerve blocks, trigger point injections, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Most instrumental in turning him around were 2 epidurals, 3 cryosurgeries, and 2 Phenol neurolysis.

Today, Dan is back in school full time. He was elected to be the chief editor of the school newspaper at Long Beach City College. No more back braces. No more urinary catheters or UTI’s. He receives treatment from us only occasionally. He requires minimal use of analgesics and relaxants on a occasional basis at home.

I noticed in your newsletters that you are a graduate from two prestigious universities–Caltech and USC School of Medicine. You are also a specialist in anesthesia and acupuncture, which to me stands out as quite unusual. After several of your treatments I have learned that you are not only highly qualified in your practice, but also possess a great compassion for your patients, producing in my case, wonderful, positive results over a short period.

My pain problem has been nerve disturbances from a back surgery 3 years ago. The excruciating pain necessitated 6 hospitalizations, numerous X-rays and tests, and treatments by many specialists, including injections of 100 mg of Demerol every hour! Still I was in severe pain.

Your treatments of acupuncture, epidural, nerve blocks, and cryoneurolysis have brought to me so welcomed pain relief. I have mentioned before that only one person in history walked on water, but you have come the closest to that miracle a person could ever be!!! It seems very trite to merely say, “Thanks again to you, Dr. Tong!”

Colleen E


My first surgery was in 1964. I had a spinal cord tumor removed… Subsequent to the removal of the tumor, which was benign, the doctors placed me in a comatose state for six months because they did not have the right filament to patch the spinal cord at that time… When I did begin to walk again, the spinal sac leaked and a cyst grew where the tumor had been. They removed that and agreed that when my bones were fully formed at the age of 21, they were going to do a follow-up surgery in order to stabilize the cervical area. Because of the extensive damage the tumor had done, they had to remove small fragments of bone. At 21, they did a cervical fusion and unfortunately the fusion slipped and a major portion of the regeneration of the implant grew up and around the outside of the spinal cord and the vertebrae.

In the next 20 years I developed extensive degenerative spinal arthritis. All my discs have become fibrotic and I had almost 85% of my spinal cord reconstructed. I am in a horrendous amount of pain and have been for the last 30 years. I have traveled all over the country to receive medical help. I have left no stone unturned. I have seen every top specialist in New York and Philadelphia. My current orthopedist is at The Spinal Cord Clinic at the Institute of Miami. I have been told that I was going to be a human vegetable. I have been told that I was going to be a quadriplegic. I have been told by the top physicians in Philadelphia that they could operate on me and I would most probably die on the operating table… I have tried pain clinics before, I have tried acupuncture before, I have tried neuro blocks before, I have tried physical therapy, hypnosis, biofeedback. I have seen every doctor in Los Angeles…I have been treated by Stanford University, The Mayo Clinic, UCLA, UCI, University of Miami.

Finally, I was referred to Dr. Tong by my attorney. She knows my case history quite extensively. One of her clients is currently a patient of Dr. Tong’s and she became so excited at his success that she called me to go see Dr. Tong.

I had been writhing in agony for the last 4 months at home with a swollen spinal cord unable to get any type of relief. I had taken over 200 Vicadin in one month and I had overdosed on sleeping pills to the extent where I unconsciously vomited in the night, finding the mess when I would wake up in the morning due to the amount of narcotics that I was on. No one had any suggestions for me whatsoever. I came into Dr. Tong’s office. No histories or x-rays with me, yet he was able to do hands-on examination and it was after the first set of injections that I was able to sleep through the night and stop all the narcotics and medication immediately.

I have been seeing Dr. Tong for less than one month. He has treated me for a variety of related ailments that go along with this type of disease: the circulation, the digestion problems, the depression — all of which factors into my life. I was not able to basically lift my hands and care for myself…Now, I am successfully reentering my life. I’m going to the gym…I can drive again-mainly I can think again, my memory is back, my limp is gone, my blurred speech is gone, the razor sharp radiating pain in my back is gone, my depression is gone and I have hope.


Failed Back Surgery

**Failed back surgery Don is a 70 year old man who suffered from low back pain for two years after a failed back surgery. He could not straighten his back and had great difficulty driving for more than 10 minutes, or walking with a cane. The chronic pain weakened his immunity, and he developed post herpetic neuralgia and frequent bouts of bronchitis. A week prior to his decision of having a repeated back surgery, he decided to try NBE therapy.

The first NBE treatment alleviated most of his pain, such that he could straighten his back and walk freely without his cane. After four months of regular therapy, he required only occasional therapy for recurrent neuralgia and bronchitis, both of which were eventually healed. He has been able to take many vacations, sometimes driving 8 to 10 hours a day without any symptoms.


Failed Back Surgery

I have had two back surgeries in the past ten years. after the second operation I was left in considerable pain. I was referred to Dr. Julie Malley for physical therapy. Dr. Malley and I worked together for about 18 months. Dr. Malley told me that there wasn’t anything more that we could do to relieve the pain in my lower back. I was then referred to Dr. Michael Wienstein, who looked at the current MRI and told me that surgery was out of the question at this point in time. He said that even though I needed the operation, he was afraid that it could do more harm than good in the long run.

I was then referred to Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong does nerve block injections in my lower back . After the first treatment, I could tell that this was working to eliminate pain. These injections are very painful, but the effects that they have after are certainly worth that initial pain. My pain level has been reduced 50% so far, and I believe with Dr. Tong’s treatments, I will soon be 75% better. I am driving 46 miles round trip to Dr. Tong’s office.

Today as I went in for treatment, I was refused service because Dr. Tong’s office had not received payment from my insurance company. Please make and effort to pay Dr. Tong as soon as possible so that I may continue treatment. This is the first time in many years that any procedure that I have tried has actually worked to reduce pain. I need to continue to be treated by Dr. Tong.

The letter that I am referring to was sent to explain treatment and duration. I believe that it was misinterpreted. it was meant to be understood that physical therapy was not working but the nerve block injections were.


Failed Laminectomy 

After experiencing the high costs of medical surgeries by private physicians to cover Lens Implants, both eyes, Laser Surgery Coagulation, Blapharoplasties, both eyes,. Kidney Stones, two (2) Surgeries, and Hydrocele Surgery, it became financially necessary to join an HMO(FHP). Since joining it has been medically necessary to have the following surgeries; Three (3) major Back Surgeries; two (2) Lumbar Decompression Laminectomies and Tethered Spinal Cord Surgery. Other surgeries were Eight (8) Epiduralysis of adhesions by manipulation with injection of Duramorph, Podiatry Surgery to remove tumors, both feet, caused by nerve damage from back surgery, Cystoscopy and left Retrograde Pylogram and Prostate Surgery. The last was the Spinal Cord Surgery performed on January 18, 1993. Since that time, I have had complete loss of equilibrium or balance. The surgery was performed at the Loma Linda Medical Facility and to date, despite the fact that five (5) Neurosurgeons have stated, after looking at the MRI’S, that my Spinal Cord had been nicked in two (2) places and that I was still losing spinal fluid and it was collecting in a sack or a Psuedomeningocele which had caught-up some of the nerves and was causing pressure on the spine between L-2 and L-3 and that there was nothing in their estimation that could be done to correct the problem and that I should consider that I would be this way for the rest of my life. This * s I do not accept because this was not what I was told when I came in for the consultation of this medical procedure. To date, not any of the physicians from Loma Linda or FHP have taken any measures to correct my problem. I wonder if they realize or
care that my entire Life Style has more or less been put on hold. No more golf, no work-outs at the gym, no fishing the lakes, rivers and ocean waters, no more trips in our motor home, no more dancing, no more enjoying the benefits of a good swim, as when I try, my Balance Problem causes me to turn side ways. I could continue on but what purpose would it serve? Would it create an interest from some Physicians to really try and correct my problem. With all the medical training, attendance at Specialist Seminars, and actual participation in many major Surgical Procedures it would seem that someone would know how to rectify my situation. There’s one consolation, I do not intend to give up, I intend to keep trying.

I was playing golf four (4) times a week prior to this surgery. In addition, I was working out two (2) -or three (3) times a week at Family Fitness. I went in with the complaint that I wanted to walk erect and not all bent over. The Physician informed me, as he pointed out on the MRI, that scar tissue had attached to the tail end of the Spinal Cord and that it would be a simple procedure as he had performed this surgery many times without any problems. It has been extremely discouraging as Loma Linda has made no attempt to show any concern as to some way to alleviate my problem. They look at the MRI’S and have me come back in two (2) or three (3) months for a check-up. It was their responsibility to at least make some effort to remedy my problem.

Fortunately, despite all of the above surgeries, a friend recommended that I contacted Yee-Wing Tong, M.D. for treatment by Anesthetic Pain Block Injections along with Acupuncture. After ten (10) treatments, I began to experience: A Reduction of Pain in my Back, Better Balance, Improvement of Movement, Return of Feeling in my Legs and Feet. The treatments have also reduced my Glaucoma Pressures along with a reduction in my Blood Pressure. I consider it pathetic that, in this day and age, Physicians still have difficulty in accepting the skills of an Ancient Craft that has proven many times over its noteworthiness to solve or improve many medical problems. Unfortunately for me, the only way that I can possibly continue to have Anesthetic Pain Block Injections along with Acupuncture Treatments is to drop out of the HMO (FHP) so that I may have use of my Medicare Card. As I turned seventy-five (75) in February, I need to control my expenditures to financially afford the treatments. Dr. Tong has stated that the Medicare Allowance would cover the cost of the treatment. Since FHP doesn’t have “IN HOUSE” facilities for this treatment, they should be obligated to at least provide a “REFERRAL” to cover the expense of same without the necessity of having to drop out of FHP. It seems logical that this would be considerably LESS EXPENSIVE THAN THE COSTS OF SURGERIES AND DRUGS THAT MAY HAVE BEEN AVOIDED with this
Preventive Care offered by treatment methods of a Physician such as Dr. Tong. Any consideration to include Anesthetic Pain Block Injections along with Acupuncture Treatments as a part of the National Health Program will certainly mean that many people, young and old, will experience a remarkable improvement in their Health Care.



I came to you about two months ago on the recommendation of my personal physician. I was unable to walk more than half a block with the aid of a cane. I was in extreme pain from a spinal cord injury I received in an automobile accident. I had already had one back surgery approximately five years ago and was scheduled for additional surgery in about thirty days.

After two weeks of treatments by you, I was almost completely free of pain and able to walk many blocks without the aid of  my cane. It’s the first time in many years I have been so free of pain. I have continued to improve with your treatments and you have even been able to eliminate the severe pain I had from shingles.

After the first two weeks of treatments, I cancelled my back surgery.   I cannot tell you how grateful I am.  As a result of my wonderful success, I have referred four new patients who are now being helped by you.

Many thanks to you and your staff.

Donald H.


After having a laminectomy (back surgery) and being hospitalized for 5 weeks, the cure for my pain was temporary.  With constant pain again, I was advised to have 2 epidural blocks.  The first one relieved me for a few weeks, and the second one was nil.  The response I got from my doctor was to test me for another surgery but I refused.  The response from other doctors was “learn to live with it.”

After 2 years of pain and pills, my wife handed me an ad of Dr. Tong’s and told me ” you have nothing to lose.”  That was my lucky day, because after 2 treatments, I lost 70% of the pain and was amazed at the outcome.

I’ve had 8 treatments.  If I knew then what I know now, I would never have undergone surgery.

Ed R.


August 20, 1992

Before coming to Dr. Tong, I was having headaches and sinus problems and low back pain. I had taken for sinus (1) Augmentin, (2) Penicillin (3) Ceclor (4) Amoxicillin. None of these were able to help. I was taking Halicon for sleep and Florinal for headaches and Lastex for kidneys. Since coming to Dr. Tong, I have been able to function without all these medications and I feel stronger and able to do much more. My reason for trying Dr. Tong is that my ENT Dr. wanted to do a surgery on my sinus, because I was constantly having infection and it caused me to have very bad headaches. Thanks to Dr. Tong things are getting better and I have taken the herbs and they also seem to help. I want to continue with treatments to see if this can help me even more. I was also on Felixril for pain. I also had a myconeurodyanatic test that said I also had the beginning of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I also had surgery on both feet for heel spurs and my feet hurt especially after a days work and Dr. Tong treatment has also helped this as well as being able to help digest food better.

Tella B.



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