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Since July 2012, Rory (a previously healthy man) has been suffering from a very serious neurological autoimmune disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which was previously diagnosed as Transverse Myelitis. This has caused him severe
pain paralysis among many other symptoms. Since conventional medicine has no cure for Transverse Myelitis, Rory was told by his doctors that they can only slow down the process of the disease. Over the two years of orthodox therapy, patient has been degenerating at a faster rate leaving him 40-50 times worse than he was initially. Rory has only been treated for his symptoms (i.e. pain, muscle spasms, urinary retention) instead of the cause of the disease. The excessive amount of medication has not improved Rory’s health, rather it caused more harm by weakening his organs and causing blockages in his circulation.

Today is Rory’s first NBE treatment in order to restore his circulation and health. After his first treatment, his pain has not gone away but he does notice a decrease in pain. He is able to move his arm and be more mobile without experiencing severe pain. Rory is to come back for his second treatment in a week.

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