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Isela developed arthritis at the age of 12 which greatly affected the joints in her hands and knees. In addition to the pain she was experiencing, Isela was not able to play the piano due to the limited mobility and stiffness in her hands. After NBE treatments from Dr. Elain, her fingers have become more flexible allowing her to play the piano. She is also relieved of pain on her hands and knees ever since Dr. Tong started treating her.

Isela also experienced cold hands and feet due to her intolerance to cold. After NBE treatments, her sensitivity to cold has improved and she no longer needs to wear gloves to keep warm anymore.

Isela also has diabetes for 7 years now. Her diabetes specialist prescribed her medication, which she has been taking for years with increasing dosage over time and no improvement in her blood sugar readings. After NBE treatments, her blood sugar readings improved from over 200 mg/dL to 135 200 mg/dL, allowing her to cut down her medication. Dr. Tong explains how the NBE treatment works by improving circulation to tissues and organs, which are the cause of symptoms experienced by people.

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