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Nelson speaks on his wife’s behalf and shares his own story with us.

Phyllis – Tumor & Scapular Pain
Nelson shares how he and his wife, Phyllis became patients of Dr. Tong. Nelson’s wife had gone through chemotherapy and radiation, both of which unfortunately did not help reduce the size of her tumor. After several NBE treatments from Dr. Tong, PET-CT scans showed that the activity of her tumor was reduced. In having her circulation restored, she also found less pain in her scapula and better sleep at night.

Nelson – Sleep Apnea, Shortness of Breath, Lower Extremity Pain
When Nelson was diagnosed with sleep apnea, he was told that he had stopped breathing about 40 times in just one hour. However, ever since his treatments with Dr. Tong began, he has been able to breathe deeper and can now swim ⅓ further than the length he normally swims. Nelson also recently received treatment for the pain in his buttocks and thighs which gave him moderate relief of pain.

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