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Whole Body Pain, Low Energy, Emotional Problems
Linda has been suffering from whole body pain for 10 years before she heard about Dr. Tong from her daughter. She had headaches and left sciatica pain in addition to shoulder, neck, upper arm, and low back pain. Linda had attempted several methods of pain management including physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and massage therapy, all to no avail. She could not walk or function properly and felt crippled living the life she lived.

Linda began her NBE therapy 3 months ago. After her very first treatment, she felt like a brand new person because she was completely pain free. Recently, Linda had some minor discomfort and pain and returned to Dr. Tong for a follow-up treatment in which she was once again immediately relieved from pain. Through the NBE therapy, Dr. Tong was able to release the blockages that resulted in the improvement of other areas of the patient’s health to which allowed her to sleep better, have more energy, and better manage her emotional self.

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