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James has suffered from chronic sciatic nerve pain in his right leg since he was 11 years old after he had surgery to remove a hernia. Over time, scar tissue had developed in the right hamstring. James had 4 surgical procedures to remove his scar tissue, but each surgery resulted in more scar tissue. In addition, James also had a few back surgeries before he came to see Dr. Tong due to bone spurs and a bulging disc. The surgeries did not offer him any pain relief or positive results. He was still having severe pain in the right leg and lower back.

James is very active and has always enjoyed the outdoors; however, due to his pain, he was unable to hike more than 3 to 4 miles. When he began NBE therapy with Dr. Tong in September 2009, he had a goal to hike 6 miles. In summer of 2012, James hiked Mount Whitney, which is roughly 24 miles long!

After Dr. Tong’s recent treatment, James feels very relaxed and full of energy. The chronic sciatic pain was also reduced to a lower intensity within several minutes.

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