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Torn Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Pain
Craig and Eva both live in Texas and flew out to California to receive Dr. Tong’s NBE therapy. Craig is a former patient of Dr. Tong’s from about 15 years ago. He had a torn rotator cuff at the time which Dr. Tong successfully treated by the fourth treatment. Craig was able to lift his arm and have full range of motion without having surgery.

Torn Knee Meniscus, Knee Pain
Just 4 months ago, Eva (Craig’s partner) injured her left knee and has been suffering from the pain ever since. She was having difficulty with activities that required bending or rotation at the knee and rated the pain 10/10 on a visual analog scale. Eva received several injection treatments from her surgeon with no improvement. She was medically advised to have a knee replacement surgery done when Craig recommended that she see Dr. Tong first.

After her very first NBE treatment with Dr. Tong, Eva can go from a sitting to a standing position with absolutely no pain. She also feels much more at ease. Eva will return for further treatments for her diarrhea, swelling, and ear problems. (YT B)

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