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Khaliq is a physician in family medicine and was diagnosed with stage 4 B lung cancer 15 months ago which had metastasized to his bones, liver, and brain. He underwent Tarceva cancer therapy from January 2013 to April 2013, and noticed that he was getting worse rather than better. The Tarceva caused him to stop eating and made him extremely weak and bed-ridden. He ceased Tarceva therapy for 1 month and tried other alternative therapies before he discovered Dr. Tong.

In addition to his cancer, Khaliq also had severe pain in the shoulder, neck, wrist, and upper back area. After his third NBE treatment, his shoulder pain went away completely and has not returned. The energy that was restored by Dr. Tong also helped Khaliq to get himself out of bed, and enabled him to drive all the way back home to Las Vegas, NV.

Khaliq only received 3 NBE treatments and went to Pakistan. Unfortunately, he became extremely ill on his return trip; there was a build-up of fluid in his lungs once more. He was hospitalized and could not do anything without assistance for 2 weeks. Khaliq scheduled his fourth appointment with Dr. Tong and within half an hour, he is feeling much better. (RS #349 11/16/13)

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