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Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Diabetes, Eye Problems, Renal Dysfunction, Frequent Urination

Bruce had been suffering from shoulder and back pain for the past year. His pain level was rated 7/10. Bruce was also a diabetic, where his blood sugar level readings were 160-170 even while taking oral medication. He was also having retinal inflammation, poor sight and floaters. Bruce was also suffering of renal dysfunction but he refused to start dialysis.

After his first NBE treatment by Dr. Tong, Bruce experienced immediate pain relief and the floaters in his eyes were completely gone.

With ongoing treatments Bruce’s retinal inflammation has greatly reduced to the point of avoiding surgery. His renal function test results have also improved and to this day he has NOT started dialysis.

His blood sugar levels have been normal for eight months even without any medication. Bruce is able to see clearer and his color blindness has improved.

Georgia had been experiencing ongoing knee and shoulder pain for one year. Both Georgia and Bruce are very active. Georgia’s pain was interfering with her ability to exercise. Georgia’s doctors treated her pain with steroids and antibiotics, which did not help her at all.

After her first NBE treatment by Dr. Tong her pain was all gone, she gained flexibility and her range of motion improved. With ongoing treatments Georgia can enjoy her sleep without having to get up every hour to urinate. (RS #322 1/26/13 YT Video )

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