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Isela developed arthritis at the age of 12 which affected the joints in her knees and hands. Since Isela’s first NBE treatment in 2012 from Dr. Elain, her fingers have become more flexible and she has not experienced any arthritis knee pain since then. She is also excited that she can once again play the piano.

Isela also suffered occasional flare-ups from shingles (herpes zoster) and was in agonizing nerve pain for 1 week before she came in for a treatment. She was given antibiotics which did not improve her condition. Within 24 hours of Dr. Elain’s treatment, the shingles pain diminished to a more tolerable level which allowed Isela to sleep restfully, and within a week of the treatment, the shingles pain gradually went away.

Isela’s blood sugar was also regulated through the NBE treatments from over 200 mg/dL to 128-125 mg/dL. Dr. Tong explains how the NBE treatment works by improving circulation to tissues and organs, which are the cause of symptoms experienced by people. (RS #362 4/19/14 #352 1/4/14 #330 5/4/13 #296 2/25/12)

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