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Donna and Barbara share how the NBE treatment has helped them gain a more meaningful and pain-free life!

Shoulder Pain, Right Hip Pain/Bursitis, Severe Anxiety

Donna first came to see Dr. Tong for the pain she was having in her left shoulder, which used to radiate to her neck and mid-upper back area. She also had extreme hip pain due to bursitis in the right hip. Donna finds herself in a lot of stress which causes her high levels of anxiety. However, after her first NBE treatment with Dr. Tong, Donna recalls how quickly the pain in her shoulder and hip dissipated. Her mood also improved after several minutes of Dr. Tong’s treatment. Since late 2012, Donna has had 9 treatments from Dr. Tong and Dr. Elain, and is also able to better manage stress level.


Avoiding Ankle & Knee Surgery, Glaucoma, Ankle Ligament Tear, Medial Meniscus Tear

Barbara had a torn ligament in her ankle in which she was about to undergo reconstructive surgery in order to replace the torn ligament with another ligament from her toe. Fortunately, Barbara heard about Dr. Tong’s practice and scheduled her first appointment. Dr. Tong treated her and immediately, Barbara could walk again without extreme pain. Within 1 year’s treatment with Dr. Elain, the glaucoma she had in both eyes has also regressed. The intraocular pressure in both eyes has stabilized to 12 mm Hg, which is within the normal range of eye pressure.

Barbara recently was told she would need a total knee replacement due to a medial meniscus tear in the right knee. There was swelling and pain in the knee and she could not walk without limping. She returned to Dr. Tong in hopes of avoiding another impending surgery, and once again, finds herself free of pain. (RS #308 8/25/12)

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