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With a history of a mini stroke, Eric was prescribed 6 different high blood pressure medications at the same time. Although Eric attempted to make healthier choices in diet and exercise to his life, he still noticed the negative effects from all of the prescription drugs he was on. He suddenly developed lower back pain and was experiencing nocturia to where he was getting up 2-3 times every night to urinate.

Following his first NBE treatment by Dr. Tong, Eric has not had any trouble sleeping throughout the night. His low back pain has also been greatly reduced. Eric has been obtaining blood pressure readings of 120-130/80-84, compared to his previous readings of 140s/80-90.

Listen to the rest of his story: “Eric Part 2 – Rolled Ankle Pain, Weight Loss”! (RS #343 9/14/13 #352 1/4/14 #356 3/1/14 YT Video Part 2)

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