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Neurodermatitis, Anxiety, Depression, Lymphedema

Linda came to Dr. Tong full of deep emotional problems and anxiety that stemmed from several accidents and family deaths she had experienced.  She was diagnosed with neurodermatitis, characterized by chronic uncontrollable skin  itch.  She had constant burning and itching all over her body.  After she began the NBE treatment with Dr. Tong, Linda states that all her symptoms went away including the stress and anxiety.

Linda also had lymphedema after her accident and had her limb wrapped by a doctor, which actually caused greater fluid retention.  Her swelling was able to be reduced with the NBE treatment.  Now, Linda lives a more normal and healthier life.


Plantar Fasciitis, Loss of Sleep

Cheryl has been experiencing extreme heel pain for the past 10 years and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.  The pain affected the patient’s mood and sleep.  She would have to take a walk nearly every night to ease the heel pain.  This prevented the patient from leading a normal lifestyle as she was fearful of traveling.  Cheryl has now had 3 NBE treatments and states that she feels “100%” better overall.  She is much more optimistic and eats a healthier diet to help her maintain an improved and meaningful life.

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