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Lee (caller) – Brother had stroke

Sinus Problems, Failed Sinus Surgeries, Facial Pain, Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, Otitis Media (Middle Ear Infection)

Christine was a patient of Dr. Tong’s 13 years ago. She suffered from recurrent sinus infections and had 6 sinus surgeries before seeing Dr. Tong. She was found to have 40 polyps in her ethmoid sinus and all the surgeries resulted in scar tissue and adhesions. She went through a gamut of tests and doctors including CT scans, MRI’s and ENT physicians, all to no avail. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she already had relief. Within 3 months of Dr. Tong’s treatments, she was virtually cured. She also suffered from recurrent urinary tract infections and had 2 urethral dilations done, which did nothing to help. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, her infections were gone. Dr. Tong also treated her 18 month old son at the time for otitis media. He had tubes put in his ear but the infections remained. He would cry incessantly from the pain. After 3 injections, he stopped crying and never had problems again.

Herpes Simplex Virus 2, Low Back pain, Fungal Infection, Diabetes

Eddie came to see Dr. Tong for the above problems. He has had consistent back pain for the past year and a half. He tried conventional treatment, including creams for his fungal infections and medication. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, his back pain was considerably improved and his fungal infection on his back disappeared. The lesions of herpes simplex virus also disappeared. 

B.J. (caller) – Niece with tumor in brain

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