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Spinal Stenosis, Difficulty Walking, Obesity

Grady (from Pasadena, Ca) has not been able to walk without crutches for the past 8 months. His previous physicians all recommended back surgery, which he refused. He was referred to Dr. Tong by his friend Criss. When he first came to Dr. Tong’s clinic, he was walking extremely slowly with his crutches. His gait was very unstable. In addition, he had to use his arms or his crutches in order to get up from a sitting position. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, he got up and walked back and forth across the room without his crutches!! He could also get up from a sitting position “like a spring chicken” 5-6 times quickly, without using his arms or his crutches. In fact, two days later, he is still walking better and able to move around more smoothly. Now he is walking around with a walking cane instead of his crutches. 

Multiple Systems Atrophy, Unsteady Gait, Dizziness, Low Blood Pressure, Depression 

Timmie (from Costa Mesa, CA) was diagnosed with Multiple Systems Atrophy six years ago. Her prognosis at that time was a life expectancy of 6 years at that time. She has been to neurologists and different specialists who basically said that there was nothing they could do to help her because they do not know the cause of her disease. She has lost her balance and has difficulty walking. She has generalized body pain. She has headaches and gets extremely dizzy to the point that she cannot pick things up off the ground. Her blood pressure is also very unstable. Her blood pressure was very low, causing her lethargy. After treatments with Dr. Tong, her gait has slowly improved. She is no longer dizzy and can now pick things up off the ground. Her back pain has improved tremendously. Emotionally she is feeling great. She is not feeling depressed or hopeless anymore.

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