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Sinus Headaches, Left Knee Pain, Depression, Menstrual Problems, Uterine Fibroids

Teresa (from Irvine, CA) works for a real estate developer and has suffered from sinus headaches for 15 years. She was also diagnosed with chronic depression 10 years ago. She tried medication for her headaches which helped very little and gave her side effects. Her doctors told her that she would have to be on steroids for the rest of her life. She has also been on 40 mg per day of Celexa for her depression for the past 10 years. She has become so immune to the drugs requiring her to increase her dosage. She was so fatigued that she would sleep for 16 hours a day. After 4 treatments with Dr. Tong, her sinus headaches are virtually gone. She has cut her depression medication down to 10 mg every other day. She is no longer depressed, is full of energy, and feeling happy and emotionally stable.

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