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Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism), Tachychardia (Increased Heart Rate), Palpitations, Low Back Pain, Headaches, Generalized body pain (Muscleaches), Low Energy

Marina (from Whittier, CA) was diagnosed 6 months ago with Graves’ Disease. She was immediately started on thyroid medication and a beta blocker to control her heart rate, which would sometimes go up to 160 beats per minute. She was also very fatigued and anxious. She was so anxious that she almost decided not to receive treatment. After her first treatment, her energy increased tremendously. She was able to wake up the next morning at 7 am which she was not able to do since being diagnosed with her disease. She was also not able to exercise on her medication, but now after the treatment, she had the energy to walk and go on short hikes. She has cut her medication in half. Her heart rate has stabilized between 75-80 on half her medication. She has had four treatments with Dr. Tong and she no longer has back pain or muscleaches. 

Jennifer (caller from Lomita) – Hypothyroidism

Dolores (caller from Costa Mesa) – Crohn’s Disease

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