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Stroke, Heart Attack, Pernicious Anemia, Foot Pain, Hypothyroidism, High Blood Pressure, Hearing Problem, Speech Problem, Memory Loss, Toe Fungus, Chronic Smoking, Uncontrollable Bladder/Incontinence, Depression

Marcia, a 62 year old, has suffered from the above problems for many years. When she first came to see Dr. Tong, she was in a wheelchair status post stroke and heart attack. She was depressed and a chronic smoker for many years, smoking 2 packs per day. In August of 2001 after her very first treatment, she could walk across the exam room with very little help. After a year and a half of treatments (approximately 3 treatments every 2 months), she was no longer depressed, her foot fungus was dramatically improved, the pain and swelling in her legs was cleared, and she was smoking only 2 cigarettes per day. She was much happier and functioning at a much higher level where she did not lay in bed all day. She could also walk with a quad cane. She subsequently did not return for treatments for a year. In the last month and a half however, her ankles became extremely swollen again. She was becoming weaker, jaundiced, and began hallucinating. One of her caretakers, Barbara, then decided that she needed to return for Dr. Tong’s treatments. When she first returned, she was on 13 different medications. Within a month of treatments, her ankle swelling has reduced considerably. She is no longer jaundiced and is getting much stronger. She can even put her shoes on now. Her bladder control is also better and she is emotionally happier. 

Ganglion Cyst, Chronic Yeast Infections, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration

Rosemary was told by her eye doctor in August 2004 that she was developing glaucoma and macular degenerative disease. When she was examined the pressure in her eyes were 19 and 20 which was the high end of normal. She began seeing Dr. Tong in the beginning of September. After 2 months of treatments, the pressure in her eyes dropped to 13 and 14, without eye drops. She has also discontinued all her prescribed medication. Her ganglion cyst and yeast infections also cleared. She was put on Paxil for depression and regulating the heart, but she no longer takes them and is emotionally happy and stable.

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