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Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff Pain, Wrist Pain, Joint pain, Menstrual Cramps, Irregular Menstruation, Allergies, Asthma

Laura (see # 204 6-4-05, from Los Angeles) works for an entertainment production company. Her husband’s neck pain was successfully treated by Dr. Tong. He is also emotionally happier and looks younger now. Laura has been suffering from irregular periods/cramps since she began menstruation. Her gynecologist put her on the pill, but she felt that the hormones were making her crazy. Her physician even suggested a hysterectomy at age 36! She also had shoulder pain for almost 20 years, where the pain would radiate to her neck with calcifications in both shoulders and dealt with terrible allergies all her life. After treatments with Dr. Tong, she has had no cramps since then, and she is about to start her period. Her shoulder pain was almost completely improved and her allergies were gone after the first treatment. She is also emotionally more stable now and does not cry as easily. Her allergy problem recurred slightly, but not to the extent it was before. She plans to continue treatments with Dr. Tong.

Judy (caller from Canyon Country) – Panic Attacks

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