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Back Pain, Feet Pain, Stress

John has been a mailman for 27 years. In the last few years he has been experiencing back and feet pain to the point where he was limping. He also has been very stressed recently. He used Ibuprofen for his pain, which only gave him temporary relief. He tried using the whirlpool for his feet which also did not help much. Medications prescribed by his doctor only gave him dizziness as a side effect. After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, his feet pain was much improved. He has now had a total of 3 treatments and has very little pain.

Acute Chemical Exposure, Headache, Itching throat, Itching Eyes

Maria (see #168 9-11-04, #180 12-4-04) came back to receive treatments from Dr. Tong after being exposed to chemical solvents at work. She developed severe headache as well as itching throat and eyes. After 2 treatments her symptoms were completely gone.

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