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Cellulitis, Dermatitis, Numbness in hand, Leg Ulceration, Diabetes, Shortness of Breath, Anxiety, Arthritis, Gout

Neil suffered from very bad circulation in his leg, with ulcerations with oozing pus, discoloration, and severe swelling. He also had numbness in his right hand and dermatitis. He has been suffering from these symptoms for over 20 years. His doctors prescribed medication which would help his problem temporarily. In the past 5 months his legs were rotting. After 2 treatments from Dr. Tong, the swelling in his legs have come down and the ulcerations are 80% healed. The pain in his legs before treatments was a 9/10 and has now decreased to a 4/10. Neil also suffered from shortness of breath which has also improved. He no longer has anxiety attacks. In addition his arthritis pain and gout have improved.

Barbara (caller) – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Growth on Leg, Discoloration of Skin

Kay (from Irvine, CA) a 71 year old legal secretary just noticed a growth on her leg and does not want it to be cut out. She has been watching it and it has been growing and is bright red. She plans to see Dr. Tong for this. Dr. Tong has helped Kay in the past. She was suffering from severe redness of her hands. They were so red that she looked like a lobster and had to wear gloves to cover them up. Dr. Tong’s treatments cured her problem.

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