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High Blood Pressure, Blurry Vision, Side Effects from Blood Pressure Medication – Decreased Energy, Wheezing, Anxiety Attack

Lorraine (from Rosmore, CA) was helped by Dr. Tong with her blurry vision last year. Six months ago, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was put on 3 different medications including a calcium channel blocker and beta blocker. Her blood pressure was controlled, but the side effects from her medication were unbearable. She had decreased energy which progressively got worse over the 6 months she was medicated. Then she developed wheezing to the point that she could not breathe. She went to the ER and got CXR, EKG which were both negative. The ER doctor told her she had an anxiety attack and prescribed Xanax for her. Still, she had difficulty breathing at night and would wake up frequently throughout the night. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, the next night, she slept through the night without wheezing for the first time in many weeks. She decided to discontinue 2 of her hypertension medications. Overall, she is feeling much better and will continue treatments with Dr. Tong to decrease her blood pressure.

Lex (caller) Thyroid hormone, Human Growth Hormone

Susanna (caller from Sherman Oaks) Hypertension

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Neck Pain, Chronic Headache, Low Back Pain, Depression

Diana was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1983. She was always tired and had intense pain especially in her neck and back. She also suffered from frequent headaches and depression. Her doctors only prescribed medication and told her to stay away from stress. She has been seeing Dr. Tong now for 3 years periodically and her condition is much improved. Her energy has improved and her pain has decreased significantly. She hopes to work on her diet now.

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