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Bilateral Shoulder Pain, Right Arm Pain, Headaches, Leg pain, Neck pain

Martha has been suffering from shoulder pain for the last 2 1/2 years. She fell coming up a flight of stairs and dislocated her shoulder. X-rays at the hospital showed 3 chips and a right shoulder dislocation. She also had a MRI and CT scan which showed a severe proximal humerus. Her doctor recommended surgery and told her that she would have very limited range of motion without it. She decided against it and instead had her shoulder “set” by her physician 3 times. This process was extremely painful for her. Her arm was put in a sling and she had severe pain. She then tried physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, heating pads, and one treatment of prolotherapy, which caused her arm to breakout. The other forms of therapy gave her only temporary relief. She heard Dr. Tong on the radio. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she immediately felt better and could raise both her arms the same height without strain or pain. She also suffered from headaches, leg pain, fear, and anxiety. All of these symptoms were also greatly alleviated. 

Stress, Muscle Spasms

Damien (from Costa Mesa) suffers from muscle spasms for 15 years from stress. Treatments with Dr. Tong have relaxed his muscle spasm greatly. His energy is also greatly improved.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Depression, Back Pain, Low Energy, Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Jacob (see #202 5-21-05, from West Hollywood, CA) This film maker suffers from cold intolerance in his hands and feet. His doctor’s diagnosed him with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, for which they told him to dress more warmly and to overdose on Niacin so that he could be warmer. He was wearing gloves and hat to sleep from being cold. He also had back pain and was generally very low in energy and depressed. He heard about Dr. Tong through the radio and decided to try his treatment. Almost instantly, he was feeling much warmer and he was also feeling much happier, as a side effect, which he did not expect. Jacob also suffered from spontaneous pneumothorax and had shortness of breath for a day. He went to the emergency room and told him he had a collasped lung. They observed him for a couple of days and he did not feel much better (his bill was $12,000!!) After one treatment with Dr. Tong, he instantly could breathe better.

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