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Left Knee Pain, Low Back Pain, Constipation, Bloating, Food Allergies, Depression, Fatigue

Mark (see #174 10-23-04, #182 12-18-04, from San Clemente, CA) This 40 year old Caucasian male has been struggling with his health in the last 5-8 years. He had orthoscopic surgery on his left knee 8 years ago for a torn meniscus. However, after the surgery, he tore the meniscus once again. He also has had a very sensitive digestive system in the last 5 years. Anything he ate would cause severe bloating, pain, and fatigue. After 7-8 treatments with Dr. Tong, he has no more knee pain, no pain after eating, and his energy has increased tremendously. He is now surfing again, which he has not done in 5 years. He also lost 11 pounds and is looking and feeling great.

Left Sided Joint Pain, Low Back Pain, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Anxiety, Jealousy

Eva (see #159 6-26-04, from Garden Grove, CA) – Eva was suffering from left sided pain from her ankle to her shoulder, and all the way to her neck. She fell one year ago and was given Ibuprofen, which only provided temporary relief. She fell again a few months ago and tried chiropractic treatment which also provided only minimal relief. After her first visit, she felt great. After 5 treatments, she had no more pain. Eva was also diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa 19 years ago, which made her legally blind and color blind. She only had tunnel vision After NBE treatments, she can see bold bright colors again. She also has more of her peripheral vision back. She also had over a year of anxiety. It was so bad that she could not even sleep at night. Now she has no anxiety. Another problem that she had in the past was jealousy. After NBE treatments, she no longer feels jealous and finds that she can let go easier.

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