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Left Sciatic Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dolores (from Apple Valley, CA) This retired graphics designer suffered from sciatic pain for the last 5 years. Her pain was so intolerable that the only comfortable position for her was to lay flat on the floor. Sitting in a car would cause her excruciating pain. Dolores has also been diabetic for 15 years and has hypertension. Recently, she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in her right hand. She has tried cortisone shots and physical therapy for her pain which did nothing to help her. She has been on medication for her high blood pressure and was up to 600mg of Ibuprofen per day for her sciatica. She heard Dr. Tong on the radio and decided to try his treatment. After 4 treatments, the pain in her sciatic is much improved to the point that she can now drive herself, sit without pain, and exercise. She went off her high blood pressure medication and her blood pressure dropped from 190/90 to 168/82. Overall she has improved a great deal.

Shirley – Caller from Gardena – Numbness in right arm, Equilibrium Problems, Dizziness

Loretta – Caller from San Hacinto – Bulging discs, Spinal stenosis

Multiple Sclerosis, Weakness in the Limbs, Equilibrium Problems

Genie see #151 3-13-04 (retired) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. She was on numerous medications which only made her symptoms worse. Her limbs were extremely weak and her balance was affected. She also had pain in her right leg. Her doctor recommended that she try Methotrexate, an chemotherapeutic agent, which she promptly discontinued because of the unbearable side effects. She decided that she had nothing to lose and consulted Dr. Tong. Since September 22, 2003 and 4 treatments later with Dr. Tong, she is now off all her medication, her balance has greatly improved and she is emotionally more stable and less depressed.

Virginia – Caller from Lakewood – MRI’s

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