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Restless Leg Syndrome, Back Pain, Nocturia, Astigmatism, Stronger Immunity

 Edgar (see #116 5-3-03) came to the United States from the Phillipines 3 years ago. The stress of finding a job and adjusting to living in a new country caused him to develop Restless Leg Syndrome, back pain, and nocturia. He could not stop moving his legs which caused him to have problems sleeping at night and he would have to wake up numerous times at night to urinate. He went to an HMO doctor, who did nothing to help. He also tried acupuncture which also did not help. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, his symptoms have significantly improved. He slept through the night for 5 hours and did not get up to urinate once. He is breathing better. Edgar also had an astigmatism which has improved with Dr. Tong’s treatment. He states that he could immediately see clearer as Dr. Tong was treating him. Edgar recently went to the Phillipines for 2 weeks and was afraid to go because of the SARS epidemic. Dr. Tong reassured him that he would be fine because of the treatments he was receiving. Sure enough, he spent the whole time there without wearing a mask and came back to the states in good health.

Rash, Swollen Hands, Headache, Shoulder Pain

Kay received 3 treatments from Dr. Tong a year ago for treatment of a rash and red and swollen hands. She had previously consulted dermatologists who prescribed creams and steroids, all to no avail. Since Dr. Tong’s treatments, she has not had the rash. Dr. Tong also helped Kay with her headaches and shoulder pain, while emphasizing the importance of eating the right foods.

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