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Rotator Cuff Injury, Vertigo

Craig (from Indiana) is a retired airline pilot who knew of Dr. Tong’s treatment 15 years ago when he was treating his wife, Judy for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. Craig suffered from a left rotator cuff injury 10 years ago. He had shoulder pain and numb fingers. The doctors and chiropractors that he consulted could do nothing for his pain. After 6 treatments with Dr. Tong, he has not had left shoulder pain for 10 years. He returned to Dr. Tong a couple months ago because now his right shoulder has a torn rotator cuff. Dr. Tong has alleviated the sharp pain in his shoulder and Craig is confident that a few more treatments will leave him pain free. Dr. Tong has also treated Craig for his vertigo. Craig has also lost weight on the Atkins diet. Dr. Tong comments on the pros and cons of the Atkins diet.

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Left Elbow Pain

 Jeff (from Los Angeles) has suffered from lower back pain for 5 years, left elbow pain for the last year, and severe neck pain for the past 6 months. He did not seek counsel with any other physicians or chiropractors because he felt that they did not have much to offer him. He has had one treatment with Dr. Tong and his neck pain is now gone. He still has slight discomfort in his back but is confident that it will improve.

Joe (caller from Seal Beach) – Psoriatic Arthritis

Linda (caller from Northridge) – Immune Problems

Gene (caller from Long Beach) – Macular Degeneration, Blindness

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