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Fatigue, Tachychardia, Right Foot Pain, Numb Heel, Fear, Anxiety, Lack of Concentration, Eye Infection, Hair Loss, Night Sweats, Rash, Hormonal Problems, Sinus problems, Depression, Hiatal Hernia, Colon Problems, Disturbed Sleep

 Jody, from Irvine, is a kitchen manager for an elementary school. At 53, she felt that she was already experiencing a multitude of health problems. She was always tired to the point she could not function. She had a fast heart beat that came on about three years ago. She had right foot pain, a numb heel, she was fearful, anxious, and had lack of concentration. She also had eye infections, hair loss, night sweats, rash on her arm, hormonal problems, sinus problems, depression, hiatal hernia, colon problems, and disturbed sleep. Her problems have been progressively coming on for the past few years. She had one main doctor but did little to help her problems. After her first treatment from Dr. Tong, after four days, she woke up and she could breathe again for the first time (she has always been a shallow breather). She could concentrate, she felt connected, she had energy. Her foot pain is gone and she now rarely needs to take her medication for her fast heart beat. She is also more in control of her fear and anger. Her hair loss is getter better. Her nails are not as soft.

Migraine Headaches, Low Energy, Ulcers, Fibromyalgia, Generalized Pain

Cheryl, from Newport Heights, suffered from debilitating migraine headaches for over 10 years. She was also stressed and over medicated, where she got rebound headaches from the other headaches. She had low energy, ulcers, fibromyalgia, excruciating pain. After seeing Dr. Tong, her headaches are less frequent and less intense. She is now on no narcotic medication, thanks to Dr. Tong. Cheryl was also very emotional and depressed. Now she is happier and she has mental clarity. 

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