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Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, Chronic TMJ, Eye Problems, Tachycardia, Tension Headaches, Anxiety, Mild Depression, Chiropractors

Jeanne (from Palmdale, CA) – Jeanne is a 3rd grade teacher who was referred to Dr. Tong by her friend Vicki, who received tremendous help from Dr. Tong’s treatments. (see #98 11-30-02, #106 2-8-03, #117 5-10-03) She has been suffering from acute intermittent shoulder and neck pain since 1989 and has been going to a chiropractor once a month for the past 6 years for her shoulder, neck, and lower back pain. In November of 2002, she consulted Dr. Tong. After his treatments, Jeanne had more energy, her whole body felt lighter, and she felt more rested. Her pain was alleviated after the first or second treatment, she could exercise, slept better, and felt her overall health improve. However, after hearing that her friend from Australia was terminally ill in January, she fell into a deep depression and had trouble focusing. She had decided to see Dr. Tong because she felt so terrible. Everything made her cry and she was an emotional wreck. Dr. Tong told her that after the treatment, she would start to feel better. Skeptical as she was, she started to feel her spirits lift when she was leaving the office. In fact, her depression lifted to the point that Jeanne was able to fly out to Australia and visit her friend. She is now coping with the news better.

Glaucoma, Laser Surgery

Kinu (caller from Glendale) – January of last year, Kinu’s opthalmologist found that the pressure in her left eye was up to 28. She was put on drops for a few months and then underwent laser treatment. Her eye pressure went down to 14. However, in January, the pressure went up to 29 and this time, her doctor decided to approach the problem with a more aggressive laser therapy. This time after the laser treatment, her eye pressure went up to 30. Dr. Tong explains the fallacy of this approach to treating glaucoma.

Sinusitis – Cris (caller from Encinitas) – Cris has been suffering from Sinusitis for over 20 years.

Back pain, Shoulder Pain, Hypertension, High Cholesterol

 Ron (Patient of Dr. Tong’s calling from Granada Hills) Ron speaks of how Dr. Tong has greatly improved all of his pain and symptoms

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