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Degenerative Disc, Low Back Pain, Right Shoulder Pain, Constant high pitch tone in ears, Sinus and Eustachian Tube problems, Depression, Nocturia

 Eric (see #99 12-7-02, from Irvine, CA) – Follow-up interview:

Thank you for your work on me today, Dr. Tong. Per your request and as I promised to do, I’ve set down some questions for you for Saturday’s program. 

1. I am reading Paul Pitchford’s book “Healing With Whole Foods, Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition” to learn more about the best kinds of foods to eat. Improving my Qi and working with you jointly to cure my back problems prompted me to do this. One is what one eats. During our first session you gave me a sheet entitled “Food Characteristics” with columns headed Cold, Cool, Neutral, Warm and Hot. You instructed me to select foods from the Cold to Neutral columns because my nature was essentially “hot”. My questions are: should I switch to Warm and Hot foods during the Winter and the reverse during summer? Do you have a “diet” you can provide me for my particular condition?

2. I have been on your total program for forty-five days as of today. I have had five treatments at your office, follow your nutritional supplement direction to the letter and follow a strict diet of healthy foods. I am losing approximately 3/4 of a pound a day and continue to do so. My body mass index has gone from 39 to 33 and I expect to reach the optimum BMI in April of a 23 BMI (190 pounds). All of my cravings for junk food (pizza, cheeseburgers, fried foods, coffee, etc.) are completely gone – completely – since undertaking your program. I actually become a bit queasy watching someone gulp down a big greasy cheeseburger with a pile of French fries. But, I have new cravings! I crave all kinds of raw vegetables (I never liked asparagus!). A big craving for me is steamed green soybeans. Even some types of Sushi, which I never liked (even after 10 years of traveling in Japan!). My question is: what’s happening to my body and mind that these changes are taking place? Seemingly out of my control? 

3. I have been a smoker for around twenty years (I started late since I am now 56 years old). I want to quit very badly but do not want to use any of the products currently on the market such as nicotine patches. Can you help me cure the habit and stop smoking? How do you go about performing the cure? Are there nutritional supplements available to help stop the craving? 

4. I have just started reading Richard Gerber’s “A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine, Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation”. I am trying to understand better the links between Body, Mind and Spirit. My questions are: in lay terms, exactly what is vibrational “medicine”? And, please explain Body, Mind and Spirit and how this creates wellness and produces cure. 

That’s probably enough for now, Dr. Tong. I think this covers a lot of ground and it may take more than one Saturday to address. 

My best regards 


Crohn’s Disease and Steroid Medication – William (caller) 

Manic Depression, Hypomania, Back Pain, Numbness

 Marilyn (see #77 5-4-02, #103 1-18-03, #106 2-8-03 from Temecula, CA) Marilyn calls Dr. Tong to tell him of her progress and improvement. This former massage therapist was labeled as a hypomaniac and suffered from severe depression for the past 8 years. She has had low level depression most of her life and goes through extreme mood swing cycles where when she is in her “happy hyper” she does not sleep and becomes exhausted, and when she is depressed, she will sleep for twelve hours and still be exhausted. She tried acupuncture 10 years ago and experienced a great increase in energy for a month. She has also suffered from back problems for 20 years. She injured her right shoulder, ribs, and experienced arm numbness. She tried chiropractics (which helped temporarily), physical therapy, had x-rays done, and cortisone shots all to no avail. Four years ago, she had to quit her job because of the severe pain, which was emotionally hard for her to give up. In the last 2 years, she also suffered from food allergies and weather related sinus problems. She consulted an ENT specialist, who ordered an MRI for her and prescribed an inhaler and Claritin, none of which helped her at all. She has now had 5 treatments with Dr. Tong. Her energy is amazing now and she can sleep. She is emotionally stable and she has no pain. Her food allergies and sinus problems are 90% improved and now she can take the Standard Process supplements that she used to get allergic reactions to. Her sugar cravings are now also cured from taking the whole food supplements that Dr. Tong prescribed.

Easy Bruising – Pete (caller from Carlsbad)

Disease – born without pores – Diane (caller)

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