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Degenerative Disc, Low Back Pain, Right Shoulder Pain, Constant high pitch tone in ears, Sinus and Eustachian Tube problems, Depression, Nocturia

Eric (see #101 1-4-03, from Irvine, CA) – Eric has suffered from 11 years of severe pain which physicians diagnosed as a degenerative disc problem. He went to 5 conventional doctors who prescribed medication and physical therapy, all to no avail. The pain he was experiencing also prevented him from exercising which caused him to gain weight and put him in a state of depression. By chance, Eric found Dr. Tong’s website and decided to try his treatment. After his first treatment, he felt like he was walking on air. He was not tired anymore, he could stand up straight, and the pain had greatly decreased. His sinuses began to drain and he did not have to get up once to urinate at night. The high-pitched ringing in his ear has also subsided. He has seen Dr. Tong four times now in the past two weeks and has been following Dr. Tong’s recommended diet, herbal teas, and nutritional supplements. His sugar cravings have diminished and has lost 20 pounds. Overall Eric feels like a new man.

Dear Dr. Tong 
I was taught as a child to always return a kindness with another kindness. Your kindness to me in treating me demands repayment but, I have no idea what that could be. However, I will repay you in kind some day. For now, please accept the gratitude I feel from the depths of my soul. The release from the torture I was enduring that came from my initial visit with you yesterday is profound. My life began anew yesterday. This morning I awoke with an entirely different outlook on Life. Let me digress just a bit. 
When I returned home yesterday, from your office, my wife and daughter looked at me and then both of them broke out into big grins. “You don’t look tired anymore!” “You’re standing straight up!” “You look like you’ve seen God!” Dr. Tong, all I could do was just stand there, unspeaking, but smiling and just feeling well. When I went to bed the drainage from my sinus and ear canal (on my right side) began. The coughing awakened me several times but my body was clearing itself out! And, I did not have to get up once to urinate as I have in the past (usually 4 or 5 times per night). The high-pitched ringing in my right ear is diminishing and is much less than my left. My scope of movement is vastly improved. I feel almost like a rubber band in my back and extremities. I can put on and tie my shoes again! And all of this after just one visit. I thank the intelligence that governs Life for “discovering” you. I was “ready” for you and your methods and that’s why I was lead to you. I am humbled by this whole process. I am blessed to know you. 
My dear mother-in-law suffers from arthritis and diabetes. I will be sharing my good fortune with her and referring her to you. She and I have known each other for twenty years. She has seen my suffering for the past eleven years. When she sees me again, after your intervention, I believe she will wish to meet you. 
I believe in the most modest of words may lie the most sincere of messages so I will simply say bless you and thank you Dr. Tong. 
Eric van Hall 

Nate – (caller from New York) – Chronic Sinusitis, Back Problems, Disc Problems, Dizziness

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Depression

 Joo (from Korea) Mr. Yu’s 15 year old son, Joo, has been suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety, and depression for the past 18 months. In Korea, Joo was put on Prozac, Risperidone, and Clonazepam which did little to improve his condition. He also consulted a hypnotherapist and acupunturist in Korea. Joo’s symptoms included high anxiety, and extreme obsessions. If he got a thought into his head, he could not stop thinking about these thoughts. He has had 3 treatments from Dr. Tong now, and his obsessions have considerably lessened. He experienced some withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing his medications. However, they are not nearly as severe as before Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Joo’s E-mail to Dr. Tong

Hi, How are you?
I chaged my room’s structure Last sunday(1/12) and buy something that you tell me.
Did you got my first mail? Maybe not. My father show me wrong adress.
Last monday, I when to Hospital of Souel University.
My docter asked ” How many time that you got bad thinging?
I answered ‘zero’. How suprise! I saw his face and eye.
I can study well. I can concentrate.


This is Joo.

I’m forgot almost of bad thinking that thought when I was in truble.

And I can control my mind… I think.
But the problem, is sometimes the bad thinking comes out from my past memory…. about three times a day…
I think that’s all.
When you come to my room, there are a 1.5m tall bookcase in front of the door, and eight dogs looking foward a christal squre above the bookcase…
anyway, I wanted to go science high school.. My score was very high, but it fall down since I was got bad thinking. Today, I think l can got good score as before.
Thank you.

Hi, This is Joo.
We changed my room’s structure.
It looks very good and peaceful.
Yesterday was New Year Day – one of the most big Korean holliday-
I want to say hello to you though it’s late.

I repent later on that I didn’t tell you about my tonsils.
My tonsils is very big, and often swell up.
So we reservated tonsil-cutting operation(I usually call it like this) in hospital of university.
I just think you have to know this…Because you are a doctor…

Post -polio syndrome

Carmen – (caller from Los Angeles) 

Gallbladder Removal, Gallbladder Pain

Jan – (caller from Monrovia)

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