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Bilateral acute tendonitis in shoulders, Low Back/mid back stiffness, Neck pain, Hx of twisted ankle, High blood pressure, acid reflux, weight loss

Peggy (from Sycamore, Illinois) suffered from a car accident 10 years ago and as a result has had a stiff back, neck, and shoulders ever since. She also broke her upper arm and dislocated her shoulder, which has caused her much pain to the point where she could not exercise and roll down her back vertebrae by vertebrae (Pilates). She tried physical therapy three times a week for 8 weeks which still could not loosen her body. She also tried a cortisone shot which only gave her temporary relief and only made her pain worse. After 3 treatments from Dr. Tong, she is doing much better. Her stiffness has decreased, she can exercise, and her ankle stiffness is also diminishing. She now has no pain in her neck. Dr. Tong also took her acid reflux away, she lost 4 pounds and she has also cut down her blood pressure medication. She is doing much better now in general.

Herniated disks L4 and L5, Right lower back pain, Right foot pain, Constant leg pain

Brian (from Riverside) Last year, Brian suffered from a herniated disc in his lumbar region. He consulted an orthopedic surgeon who said that it had progressed too far for physical therapy to help. However, the surgery did not decrease his pain at all. He still could not stand, walk, sit, or lie down without pain in his back. He came to see Dr. Tong 2 days ago 11/14/02, and went right back to work. His condition has improved tremendously and he is excited to continue treatments until his pain is irradicated.

Paula (caller from Redlands) – fell from a 4 foot fence, injured her foot and ankle, trauma to her knee, stiffness

Theresa (caller from Culver City) – sharp pain in her intestinal area

Diana (caller from Walnut) – 17 year old son has a stuttering problem for 10 years

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