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Eye Inflammation, Arthritis, Toe nail Fungus

Laverne (from San Diego) 27 years ago, Laverne has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 27 years. 6 months ago, she developed inflammation around her eye, scaliness, itchiness, and severe swelling. It was so bad that she could not leave the house without sunglasses on. Conventional doctors gave her creams which did nothing to soothe or improve her eyes. They only burned them and made them red and puffy. Her eyes would constantly tear and water. She tried to check for allergies, but no matter what she ate or did not eat, her eye condition did not improve. She also could not put make-up on because the skin around her eyes had become so leathery. After 5 treatments with Dr. Tong, her eyes are not swollen anymore, she can put makeup on. The skin is now smooth and soft. The bruising, swelling, and itchiness are now all gone. Her arthritic pain is also getting better and her toe nail fungus is half grown out.

Mark – (caller from Santa Monica) – 50 year old in good health with vein valvular collapse which causes pain

Reggie – (caller from Orange) – his worker had Leg Pain and went to see Dr. Tong. His pain is now much better and he can work now. Reggie’s wife has endometriosis and is going to have surgery.

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