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Herniated Disc in Neck, Shoulder Pain, Back pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Diabetes

 Marilla (see #95 11-2-02, #102 1-11-03 from Irvine, CA) – This registered nurse has been suffering from neck pain for almost 10 years after injuring herself at work. She has had chronic pain from her head to her toes. She had one surgery which gave her initial relief. She had horrific pain in her C5, C6, C7 area. Her orthopedic surgeons did not recommend surgery. She was put on anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, chiropractics, and had an epidural every two weeks because of her excruciating pain. Two weeks ago, she heard Dr. Tong’s radio show on KPLS and decided that she had nothing to lose. After her first treatment, she started to have hope. The second treatment made a big difference. She had neck shoulder, back, and sacroo-iliac relief. After her third treatment, she had tremendous pain relief and felt again that her life was worth living. She was on 12-14 medications before she came to see Dr. Tong and now has dropped them down to 2-3 medications.

High Blood Pressure, Lupus Induced Symptoms from Medication, Anxiety, Shortness of Breath

(Linda, see #89 9-7-02, #337 7/20/13 from San Diego, CA) In January of 2002, Linda, Dr. Tong’s sister-in-law, was diagnosed with high blood pressure (180/100). She was put on a number of medications and finally ended up with Aldamet. After 3 months on the medication, her blood pressure still spiked and she developed a lupus reaction and had constant joint pain, joint swelling, and nerve pain. She was in despair and became anxious. The doctors wanted to put her on anti-depressants, but she did not feel depressed. She stopped the Aldamet and was put on Xanax for her anxiety. She finally decided to see Dr. Tong. After her first treatment, her chest pain and tingling sensation in her arms were gone. She didn’t feel like she was having a heart attack anymore and she could breathe again. After her 2nd treatment, her anxiety decreased substantially and she dropped her medications. She also noticed great improvement in her diaphragmatic breathing and could meditate. After her 3rd treatment her blood pressure stabilized at 130/72. She now has no joint pain, no joint swelling, and minimal chest pain. She is also on herbs and homeopathic medicine which has also helped her greatly.

Asthma (20 years), Chronic right leg and knee pain

(Rick – from Costa Mesa CA) Rick works at a software company and has suffered from asthma for the past 20 years and chronic right leg pain for 25 years from a football injury. He has been on 5 different medications for his asthma which has controlled his symptoms but also scares him as he did not want to have to depend on medication for the rest of his life. He was on Albuterol one night which helped a little. However, one night he was jogging and he suddenly could not breathe, even after taking his medication. Rick decided to see Dr. Tong. Rick was in bad shape upon his first treatment with Dr. Tong. His breathing was constricted, he had a bad cold and leg pain. Afterwards, he could breathe better and his leg pain was gone. By the 3rd treatment, he had no constriction in his breathing and he has not been on medication for the last 6 days after 3 years on constant medication.

Paul – caller from Irvine – studying nutrition for the past 20 years, lobbying to promote expanded coverage for health care, believes that the current healthcare system is a band-aid approach covering symptoms rather than treating the underlying cause of a disease.

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