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Infection, Headaches, Swelling, Rash

(Barbara from Montgomery, Alabama, see #184 1-8-05 – Now teaches pre-school in Los Angeles) – She has been living in LA for 37 years. On May 19th, 1999, she received her 3rd Hepatitis B shot. Two weeks later, she became ill and got a cold and crook in her neck for which conventional doctors gave her muscle relaxers. She then developed a rash on her arms and legs, which moved to her hands. Sores also began appearing on her hands. She could not put her hands in water because they would turn white and then blue. There was no feeling in her fingers and she felt like her fingers were going to fall off. The rash also moved to her shoulders and face. A year and a half ago, her eyes started swelling to the point that they were swelled shut and she could not see out of them. They were itchy, red inside, and became infected. She consulted her doctors and they performed diagnostic tests on her to rule out lupus and glaucoma. Her rheumatologist thought that she might have scleroderma. She also suffered from severe headaches from the pressure of her eyes, back pain, and stiff joints. She consulted over 30 doctors including emergency room visits and private doctors. She did not want any more medication. Her husband brought her to see Dr. Tong. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she could open her eye. After the 2nd treatment, she had no more back pain, her joints became more flexible, she had more energy, she was less depressed and much happier. In addition, her hands and feet were warmer and more normal, whereas before, they were always cold. She has only had two treatments with Dr. Tong. (see also #34 5-19-01, Bruce).

Deah(caller from Bakersfield) – Mother, 75 years old, sustained a back injury and strained her L4,L5, and S1 joints. She was in a lot of pain. The pain started to burn and moved to her spine and right buttock. She had 7 acupuncture treatments which helped initially. They also consulted a neurosurgeon who deemed that surgery would not help her.

Back Pain, Stomach Muscle Spasms

(Mina from San Diego – Nurse) – Her husband, who was on show #78, heard Dr. Tong’s radio show. Mina is Bita’s sister-in-law (see #78 5-11-02). Bita (diagnosed with scleroderma) has now had 8 treatments from Dr. Tong and is almost cured. Her feet are back to their normal color, she has color in her face now and the shape of her lips have also returned. Mina then came to see Dr. Tong for back pain and muscle spasms in her stomach. Before going to see Dr. Tong, she had X-rays done, ultrasound, and an MRI. She was put on pain medication for 2 months which only suppressed the pain. She also had ten sessions of physical therapy which did not help. She has had one treatment with Dr. Tong and she feels 100% better. She was angry and frustrated before. However, after her treatment with Dr. Tong she felt a calmness. She is not depressed anymore and her pain is gone. She feels mentally and physically cured.

Elizabeth – Commenting on the harmful affects of the Hepatitis B shot and how it can cause autism and hyperactivity disorder in children.

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