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PMS, Chronic Pain, Depression, Endometriosis

(Kathy, see #82 7-20-02, from Costa Mesa, CA – Office work) – For the last 33 years, Kathy has suffered from bad female problems including PMS, chronic pain before her periods, and depression. She has consulted nutritionists who prescribed her supplements, OB-GYN doctors, and conventional doctors who suggested surgery. Her doctors performed a barrage of tests including CT scans and MRI and came to the conclusion that she might have colon cancer. She then went through barium enemas and a colonoscopy. Her medication included hormone replacement therapy, medication for her pain, depression, and stomach pain. Nothing helped her condition. In fact, she felt sicker. She had low energy, she was irritable and angry. A few months ago, Kathy heard Dr. Tong on the radio and decided to consult him. She has now received 4 treatments. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong the excruciating pain from her period dramatically subsided. Her pain before Dr. Tong’s treatment, which she rated before as 10 is now down to 3. Kathy also noticed that Dr. Tong treats the cause of a disease rather than merely treating the symptoms. She also noticed that Dr. Tong is interested in what happens in her life, since stress from life causes many of the physical illness. He helped Kathy dump all her “emotional trash” that was building up inside of her and helped her to deal with her anger and depression. She is doing much better emotionally and is now off all of her medication and hormone replacement therapy.

Respiratory Bronchial Infection, Sinus Pain, Rib Pain

(Beth from Irvine, CA – Teacher) – Beth suffered from a severe upper respiratory bronchial infection last November. Her coughing was so severe that she broke 7 ribs from the force of her cough. She went to conventional doctors who performed diagnostic tests on her to rule out diseases and was given antibiotics to control her infection. The antibiotics took away the initial infection, but it kept recurring. In addition, she had severe pain in her ribs. Her friend recommended that she see Dr. Tong. She had her first treatment with Dr. Tong yesterday. She can now breathe deeper, her sinus pain is gone, and her rib pain has subsided considerably. She also has hypothyroidism. However, after her first treatment with Dr. Tong, her energy has also increased.

Avascular Necrosis

(Barbara from Irvine, Ca – Retired) Barbara was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in both her hips on March 1st. She consulted 5 orthopedic surgeons, saw Dr. Lieberman of UCLA, and consulted specialists at UCI as well. They recommended that she stay off her legs and told her that she needed surgery for her severe pain to go away. She opted against these treatments and instead went to an acupuncturist. She had 7 treatments of acupuncture which helped immensely. However, she was driving one day past Dr. Tong’s clinic and decided to see what anesthesia could do to help severe pain. She had her first treatment with Dr. Tong last week and felt so good that she overdid it. Her range of motion increased greatly and she decreased many of her medication. She has decided to continue treatments with Dr. Tong.

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