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Severe Lung Infections, Lung Cancer

(Midge, see #66 2-2-02, #77 5-4-02, from Irvine, Ca – retired school teacher) – 85 yr young woman with severe lung infections. She had lung cancer in 1976 after her husband passed away. She refused to get chemotherapy and radiation and instead sought natural therapies to treat herself. She then had recurrent lung infections where she would spit up profuse amount of phlegm. her antibiotics did not stop the infection or help the phlegm and infection. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, her phlegm stopped coming out. She does not cough severely anymore and she can breathe much better. She also had heart palpitations and problems digesting. Her heart palpitation have stopped and she has her appetite back. Midge feels that conventional doctors know how to diagnose, but they do not know how to fix the problem. Her other doctors told her to check Dr. Tong’s credentials.

Connective Tissue Problems, Scleroderma

 (Mehdy from North San Diego, Engineer) – Brought his sister, Bita to see Dr. Tong. Her sister has been under the supervision of many doctors for the past 2 and 1/2 years. Two years ago, she started to develop pain in her muscles and organs. It took 2 years for the doctors identify what she had. They suggested Lupus because of connective tissue problems. Two months ago, she was diagnosed with scleroderma, which is hardening of the tissue. She has been under heavy doses of medication. However, they have not seen any improvement in her condition. Instead, she has less energy and has become more weak. They were not helping her with her problem. They decided to consult Dr. Tong. After a treatment with Dr. Tong, her foot, which was purple and cold became pink and warm. The results were dramatic.

Pain, Severe Indigestion, Scleroderma 

(Bita, see #81 6-1-02) – She had pain all over her body, her hands, her feet, and her joints. She also had severe indigestion from her medication. Now after seeing Dr. Tong, she has no anxiety or depression. Her pain is gone, and her joints are warmer and more flexible. She feels wonderful.

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