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Vertigo, Neck Pain, Depression

(Sandy from Huntington Beach) This real estate agent suffered from her first episode of severe vertigo three years ago. She became so dizzy that she could not lay down. After a few days, her symptoms passed and did not recur until a year and a half later. Last year, her vertigo became constant. She could not sleep well, because reclining even 45 degrees would make her dizzy. She had tremendous pain in her neck and back and she became depressed. She consulted orthopedic surgeons and every specialist she could think of. She even tried hypnosis and other forms of alternative therapy. She was put on Vicodin, which did nothing to relieve her vertigo. She also had x-rays done, which was an awful experience for her, as the room started spinning and she had no control over it. Her pain was constant. Sandy heard about Dr. Tong a few years ago and then encountered him on the internet. She finally came to see him one month ago. She has had 2 treatments with Dr. Tong and has been symptom free ever since!

Hypomania, Severe Depression, Back Pain, Numbness

Marilyn (see #101 1-4-03, #103 1-18-03, #106 2-8-03, from Temecula) This former massage therapist was labeled as a hypomaniac and suffered from severe depression for the past 8 years. She has had low level depression most of her life and goes through extreme mood swing cycles where when she is in her “happy hyper” she does not sleep and becomes exhausted, and when she is depressed, she will sleep for twelve hours and still be exhausted. She tried acupuncture 10 years ago and experienced a great increase in energy for a month. She has also suffered from back problems for 20 years. She injured her right shoulder, ribs, and experienced arm numbness. She tried chiropractics (which helped temporarily), physical therapy, had x-rays done, and cortisone shots all to no avail. Four years ago, she had to quit her job because of the severe pain, which was emotionally hard for her to give up. In the last 2 years, she also suffered from food allergies and weather related sinus problems. She consulted an ENT specialist, who ordered an MRI for her and prescribed an inhaler and Claritin, none of which helped her at all. She has now had 5 treatments with Dr. Tong. Her energy is amazing now and she can sleep. She is emotionally stable and she has no pain. Her food allergies and sinus problems are 90% improved and now she can take the Standard Process supplements that she used to get allergic reactions to. Her sugar cravings are now also cured from taking the whole food supplements that Dr. Tong prescribed.

Severe Lung Infections, Lung Cancer

(Midge, see #66 2-2-02 see# 78 5-11-02) This 85 year young lady used a whole box of kleenex on her first visit to see Dr. Tong because she was continually spitting up yellow mucus and phlegm. Her mucus problem is now minimal. Midge also had liver and gallbladder problems. However, since seeing Dr. Tong, her liver enzyme tests have become more and more normal. She is trying to get Medicare to pay for more treatments in the 60 day period so that she can improve faster.

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