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Severe Constipation, Abdominal Pain, Depression

(Jenny, see # 94 10-12-02, #115 4-26-03, #124 6-28-03, #140 11-15-03) 14 year old daughter of Kandra (see Show #74 4-6-02)) who suffered from severe constipation, abdominal pain, and depression due to stress in her life. She switched from public to private school and her parents were going through a divorce, which caused her symptoms to worsen. She was so depressed that she wanted to kill herself. She had no motivation to do anything, no energy, and could not even get off the couch. She consulted psychiatric therapy which did not help at all. She was also suffering from insomnia for which she took tranquilizers. Her mother took her to CHOC and consulted a gastroenterologist who declared that it was her fault she was sick because of her stress. He gave her a laxative for her constipation, which gave her diarrhea for a day, but did not resolve her constipation. Nothing was helping her and she was getting more and more depressed. Fear of needles kept her from seeing Dr. Tong. However, her mother convinced her to try his treatments. She has been seeing Dr. Tong for 2 months now and she has seen much improvement. Her whole outlook in life has improved and she is no longer depressed. 

Severe Neck Pain, Depression

(Jane, 22 year old college student of American Intercontinental University) She was in a car accident 6 months ago leaving her with severe neck pain. She has been struggling with depression off and on for 2 years after being attacked. A whole year of therapy did nothing to relieve her depression. In fact she got worse. She was put on a number of anti-depressants including Prozac which made her tired and lethargic. She also suffered from nightmares after her attack, which would ruin her whole day. After consulting Dr. Tong for 2 months, she is no longer on her anti-depressants, she no longer has nightmares, and her depression has lifted. She suffered from ADD and dyslexia which has also improved, as she can concentrate better in school. Her extreme PMS has also disappeared, and she has increased energy and motivation. 

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