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Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Kandra (see #75 4-13-02, #113 4-12-03) has been a patient of Dr. Tong’s for 4 years. She had shoulder pain from working out and her conventional doctors wanted to cut into her shoulder, which she did not want. She also suffered from back pain for years, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and her whole body ached. She had cold sores in her mouth and severe PMS. She finally consulted Dr. Tong and the results were incredible. She no longer has pain, depression, or fatigue. Her cold sores have also disappeared. Her son Michael also saw Dr. Tong for the flu, for which Dr. Tong helped him with. Her daughter Jenny suffered from colitis, severe constipation, so extreme that nothing was coming out. She became so depressed that she wanted to kill herself. Kandra finally convinced her daughter to receive treatments from Dr. Tong. After 2 months of treatments, Jenny is no longer depressed and she now even asks Dr. Tong for additional shots!

James (caller) – Suffered from prostate cancer and had it removed 2 years ago. Wants to know about his immune system. His PSA jumped from 6.5 to 15. His doctors gave him options to either watch it, remove his prostate, or have radiation.

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