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Shoulder Pain

 (Paul from Huntington Beach, CA, Retired) This 72 year old started having excruciating pain in his shoulder 4 1/2 years ago. His doctors gave him pain pills including Vioxx, Celebrex, and Vicodin, which did nothing to relieve his pain. One year later, he woke up with severe pain in his right shoulder which radiated all the way down his arm and up his neck. It was so painful that he could not turn his neck or sleep. A friend referred Paul to Dr. Tong last November. In January, he received 5 treatments from Dr. Tong. He has seen much improvement in his shoulder pain. He can sleep now, can turn his neck, and is generally feeling much better.


 (Bob, see #66 2-2-02, from California City, Retired) Was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the hips, upper legs, and knees 5 years ago. The pain he experienced in the last two years have been severe. He has always been skeptical of western doctors and never took the medications that were prescribed to him. Instead, he learned to “live with the pain,” and just suffered. Because of the pain in his legs, he sat most of the time and the muscles in his legs were starting to atrophy. He has had 4 treatments with Dr. Tong, and he woke up this morning virtually pain free, whereas in the past, he would always wake up in excruciating pain. He stopped treatment with Dr. Tong for 2 months because of transportation problems and a cataracts surgery. In that amount of time, his condition regressed considerably. He came back to Dr. Tong and received 2 treatments. He is now feeling much better and has returned to following Dr. Tong’s recommended diet program.

Nerve Pain, Brachial Plexus Injury

 (TJ from Burbank, CA Stage Technician for NBC) T.J. builds sets for NBC and lifts walls up to 400 pounds. He damaged his ulnar nerve while working and suffered from a brachial plexus injury. He could not feel his fourth or pinky finger and he suffered from nerve pain in his arm. He consulted orthopedics, a neck specialist, and a pain specialist. He received 2 EMG’s which caused him even more arm pain. After the EMG’s his whole hand became numb and the pain in his shoulder and neck became more severe. He started experiencing severe headaches and was put on different pain medications which caused him to break out in a rash. He went through physical therapy and traction which caused even more pain and damage to his arm. He even tried a ganglion nerve block in his neck, which caused him to become sick for 4 days. He finally came to see Dr. Tong. His headaches are now gone. However, because of the severe damage to his arm, his pain still returns. With continued treatment, he hopes to be rid of the severe arm pain.

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