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Chronic Asthma, Sports Injury

(Joe, see #4 9-30-00 ,#280 8/28/10, YT from Costa Mesa, CA) This furniture store owner works was exposed to a lot of dust and had to lift heavy objects due to the nature of his career. He suffered from chronic asthma for a year and a half, spending over $15,000 on specialists and diagnostic tests all to no avail. He was able to breathe deeply and normally after the first NBE treatment and after a few months of treatments, his asthma has never returned. Joe later suffered from a sport’s injury while he was exercising at the gym. He hurt the top of his shoulder while lifting weights and for 2-3 weeks could not lift even 10 pounds because of the excruciating pain. After 3 months of treatments with Dr. Tong, he is back at the gym lifting over 200 pounds. Dr. Tong also helped Joe with his furniture business by doing Feng Shui on his store. 


Linda – (caller) – Her daughter was diagnosed with fibromyalgia one year ago. Dr. Tong explains that the spleen system governs the muscle system and postulates that she perhaps eats too many sweet foods, worries too much, and has a lot of damp in her system. He says that taking drugs also drains the body’s energy.

Back Injury, Depression

 (Marie from Southern CA) Marie has owned her own business in the exhibit industry for 10 years. She injured her back and was under a lot of stress. None of the medications prescribed to her by conventional doctors worked. They then found a protruding disc in her neck and lower back for which she was given epidurals and cortisone injections. She also tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, Botox injections and numerous pain killers from 5 doctors which provided her with temporary relief. She felt that the yoga and stretching helped her the most, although she still had a difficult time getting out of bed. Marie also suffered from depression due to the stress of her job and has been on anti-depressants for the past 10 years. After receiving treatments from Dr. Tong, her back pain has improved tremendously and she is no longer on any medication. Dr. Tong also helped Marie’s nephew, Philip, (see #20 2-10-01) who used to suffer from up to 20 seizures per day. He has not had one seizure for the past year and is strong and healthy.

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