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Back Pain, Fatigue, Decreased Energy, Shortness of Breath

(Jerry from San Diego, Retired) Suffered from low back pain for 20 years, fatigue, decreased energy, and shortness of breath. He could not walk for any distance without having pain. Every time he walked or stood for a long period of time, he experienced low back pain. He consulted physical therapists who gave him exercises to decrease the pain, which did not help him. When he came to see Dr. Tong initially, the treatments did not help him. He had trouble changing his diet from one of all meat to all vegetable. Dr. Tong stated that he was eating too much hot and spicy foods and that balance is the key to establishing health. Jerry has now been receiving treatments from Dr. Tong for 2 months now, and he has noticed a significant improvement in his back pain. He can now walk long distances with no pain and he is much less fatigued.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

(Margaret from Brisbane, Australia, Company Administrator) – Margaret is not an actual patient of Dr. Tong’s. She e-mailed Dr. Tong and asked for his advice. She was diagnosed 3 years ago with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Her pain was horrific. Her face was in constant pain and was extremely sensitive. Even the touch of her hair on her face put her in agonizing pain. She was put on Tegretol and blood pressure medication for hypertension (220/180). After 3 years of being on medication, she was not getting any better. In fact, with the added side effects of her medication, her condition had progressively worsened. Her liver started reacting to the medication, she suffered from incontinence, headaches, and she was constantly tired and fatigued. Her doctor also recommended that she get surgery, which she was also hesitant about because of the side effects. Dr. Tong advised Margaret to find a Chinese medical doctor, or someone who practiced natural medicine. She found Dr. Zhang in Australia, who is also a Qi-gong master. She was put on an herbal diet and herbal pills and received acupuncture for 3 consecutive days. She also started doing qi-gong exercises daily. After 1 week of treatment, she cut her medication in half. Within 3 weeks, she was off all her medication. It has been a few months since her first acupuncture treatment and she is feeling 100% better. She sleeps better, the pain in her face has decreased dramatically, and she more aware of what she eats. Her blood pressure has also dropped to 115/75. She now has hope, whereas before she did not feel any reason to live.

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