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Bipolar Disorder, Headaches, Poor Coordination, Memory Loss, Insomnia, Back Pain

(Verlette from CA, Disabled) – Has not been working for 10 years. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 35. She also suffers from headaches, poor coordination, memory loss, insomnia, and back pain. She has been treated by conventional doctors who prescribed Lithium, which did nothing to help her symptoms and left her even more confused. She has had 2 treatments with Dr. Tong and has stopped taking all her medications. She is now on natural supplements and has experienced some improvement in her condition. She feels her clarity coming back and her headaches and back pain from a past auto accident are improving tremendously.


(Bob, see #73 3-30-02, from California City, Retired) – Was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the hips, upper legs, and knees 5 years ago. The pain he experienced in the last two years have been severe. He has always been skeptical of western doctors and never took the medications that were prescribed to him. Instead, he learned to “live with the pain,” and just suffered. Because of the pain in his legs, he sat most of the time and the muscles in his legs were starting to atrophy. He has had 4 treatments with Dr. Tong, and he woke up this morning virtually pain free, whereas in the past, he would always wake up in excruciating pain. He feels confident that his condition will continue to improve with more treatments.

Severe Lung Infections, Lung Cancer

(Midge, see #77 5-4-02, see #78 5-11-02)- Came to see Dr. Tong for a life threatening liver and gallbladder problem. After treatments with Dr. Tong, her tests have improved 32-33%. She was also spitting up phlegm every 2 seconds from recurrent lung infections which she suffered from for 60 years. The mucus was so thick that she could not talk and her voice was hoarse. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she no longer had the sputum and she could speak clearly

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