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Diabetes, Fatigue, Light-headedness

(Benny, see #51 9-29-01, electrician from Temecula) – Diagnosed with diabetes 11 years ago. He was taking medication for his condition, which led to complications such as fatigue and light-headedness. His diabetes became so debilitating that he could not work and started experiencing panic attacks. He heard Dr. Tong’s radio program last year. After 3 weeks of treatment with Dr. Tong, he could work again. Before his treatments with Dr. Tong, he was on 6 different meds for diabetes, anxiety, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. He is now off all his meds except for one diabetic medication after one week of treatment with Dr. Tong. Now he has so much energy that he drives an hour and a half from Temecula to help Dr. Tong with electric work in addition to his regular job. He now generally feels 75-80% better than before. 

Physical Injury, Depression, Constipation

(Sarah from Laguna Niguel, works for cable company) – A year ago she fell off a ladder at work. She thought nothing of it and tried to live with the pain. However, four months later, she woke up and could not move. She sought conventional doctors who prescribed her Vicodin, muscle relaxers, and Motrin type medication for her pain, which did nothing to alleviate her pain. She also tried physical therapy for 8 months which would help her temporarily, such as traction. Since seeing Dr. Tong she is more mobile and has less pain whereas before she was so depressed because she “couldn’t see the light at end of tunnel.” Other improvements she noticed was that her hair has stopped graying and her constipation is also much improved.

Sinus Difficulty

Julie (from Anaheim, works for mortgage company) – Julie was sick with sinus problem for 3-4 months. She had much difficulty breathing. Treatments with Dr. Tong cleared up her sinuses. She has also stopped all medications after coming to see Dr. Tong. Other improvements she noticed was that her candida (fungal infection) also cleared up. Her back pain, toe pain, and anxiety is better.

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